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Save the Planet – Celebrate festivals with Ethical Organic Clothing!

Save the Planet – Celebrate festivals with Ethical Organic Clothing!

Environment Friendly ways to Celebrate festivals - Embracing Ethical Ethnic Fashion! "To make the World a better place, each one of us has to do their Bit" Saving the planet is no more a responsibility of the NGO's and Celebrities, it has become an intrinsic part of all of our lives. There is an increasing awareness about sustainability and Environmental friendly…

Electric Neon for Summer 2012- The Latest Fashion Fab –

One of the Spring-Summer 2012's major trend "Neon" is doing rounds with the vibrant shades.Neon is making quite a regular appearance in all the major fashion events right from Milan Fashion week to Lakme Fashion week, from Red carpet to Awards functions and one of the major element of Fashion Industry "Street Style's". I just can't stop myself from noticing…

Monsoon Fashion trends 2011| kids wear | Babies day Out!

If you think fashion is priviledged for young girls and Women, you are completely wrong! The latest Fashion trends for monsoon has a special place for Kids-wear! Kids wear varying from frilly frocks to sleek pants, tank tops to smart hats kids now have lots of options...  Lately fashion designers are busy designing clothes for kids of the celebrities and…

Sustainable use of old worn out socks| reuse recyle old socks into a ball

Recently I came across a blog wherein this beautiful picture was posted... Asking me what??  Well below is the picture of a ball used recently by some of the village children.. and its made out of wool.. old socks and such sustainable materail.. Now thats called Sustainable resource utilization.. You can find the whole details at JJ's Blog
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