DIY Halloween Costume – Snow white princess!

DIY Halloween Costume – Snow white princess!

Do it Yourself pretty and cute Halloween Outfit – Disney’s Snow white!

Halloween 2018 is a far cry from now but taking a cue on previous year’s look I think halloween this year would be less about gory looks and more about fantasy characters from movies and fairy tales. Here is a simple DIY Snow white outfit that you can easily create at home with very less effort. 

diy halloween costume 2018

diy halloween costume

The blue, red and yellow outfit is really vibrant and pretty easy to pull togather. One thing one should remember however is use plain outfits so and not clash with too many prints togather. Also not to go for something too jazzy as we want to keep it elegant yet retro. 

snow white and poisioned apple stye

snow white and apple

blue crop top and yellow floral maxi for diy snowhite outfit

blue crop top and yellow maxi

do it yourself fancy dress costume for disney princess snow white

diy snow white princess dress

diy halloween costume 2018 princess snowwhite

diy halloween costume 2018

Here I have used a floral maxi as the skirt where as a crop top over it to create a skirt and top look and I have completed my snow white costume with a DIY bow hairband made up of a red velvet satin ribbon. 

DIY halloween costume princess snowwhite

diy snow white costume

dreamy snowhite costume - halloween 2018

snow white makeup

For makeup I have used a riot of colours matching to the outfit. A pink and purple eye-shadow, navy blue eyeliner, a fresh pink blush, foundation and scarlet red lips completed my makeup. 

stylish red headband diy

stylish red headband diy

diy snowhite halloween makeup 2018


Here is the decoded look. The stalkbuylove crop top and limeroad floral maxi. 

diy halloween costume for snowwhite from existing wardrobe

Halloween costume

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