Halloween Inspired Geek look in Bow-tie and Overalls!

Halloween Inspired Geek look in Bow-tie and Overalls!

Picasso admirer in 70’s Women Tuxedo overalls for halloween?

So its halloween week already and even though we do not celebrate this festival much here in India, my timeline is flooded with fun ideas for halloween inspired look for 2017. Halloween is time for fun dressing and its a gala time for fashion lovers as you get to put your creative best foot forward in quriky halloween costumes and DIY inspirations of various icons, movie characters and just about any thing that you admire or can pull off in your limited resources 😉 Well, I have been a book worm and geek all my school years and so I had to come up with something I can pull off and ofcourse within my existing wardrobe as I do not believe in buying new clothes for festivals (In case you have not already read, do read my DIY festive outfits for Diwali series posted earlier) If you have been following me closely by now you know I do a lot of DIY and reusing my existing outfits in different ways to come up with different looks. So my Halloween inspired outfit is also a DIY halloween costume inspired from the female picasso admirer having a proper geek girl look. 

diy halloween ootd - Geek girl picasso admirer in black overalls

DIY Halloween look

Do it yourself halloween costume - Black overalls and bowtie girl outfit

Geek Girl

This look comprises of white shirt, a polka-dot bowtie, loafers, black suspenders or overalls. A retro hairstyle and grunge makeup completes my 70’s inspired look for halloween 2017. The inspiration behind this look is “the secret admirer” in picasso and lilly poppins rolled togather minus the hat! 

diy halloween costume black overalls and bowtie

winter ootd

The look is completely apt for winter and has fall written all over it. With the burgundy lips and dark hued makeup this is one of my best fall fashion 2017 outfit. As for the hair I have done this retro teenage school girl hairstyle to revive the geek days. 

back to school gossip girl diy halloween black suspenders girl look

Back to school nerd look

winter fall fashion look book - Bowtie suspenders girl meets boy

Winter fall fashion look book

halloween dark autumn fall makeup - indian fashion blogger

halloween inspired dark makeup

I am not much fan of halloween makeup however I tried this dark hued makeup that consists of burgundy lipstick and navy blue eyeliner. 

dark fall makeup - burgundy lipstick makeup fashion 2017

fall makeup

gossip girl school girl fall halloween makeup

halloween 2017

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