Diwali fashion 2017 – Festive Indo-western look for Diwali Brunch

Diwali fashion 2017 – Festive Indo-western look for Diwali Brunch

DIY festive Brunch Outfit – Restyle your Banarasi silk dupatta into a skirt

Happy Dhanteras everyone! The most awaited festival season is round the corner and you guys might have already done with your shopping for Diwali 2017. But there are so many places to be and so many people to visit during Diwali festivities that we are always in short of new clothes. Which is where restyling or DIY outfits come to our rescue. So yesterday my sister came home and was cribbing about how she was so busy at work that she simply didn’t have time to shop for Dhanteras and how she is left with nothing decent to wear for a pre-Diwali office brunch with a bunch of collegues. We have all been into such situations wondering what to wear to a particular event. Especially if it is a Day event and you do not want to be over-dressed yet look festive, an Indo-western look would be a perfect option. So I quickly suggested that a festive skirt paired with formal shirt would be a perfect Indowestern festive look for her Diwali day party. 

Diwali festive day look for Dhanteras - Shirt + Ghagra

Dhanteras festive outfitn – Diwali fashion 2017

Next dilemma was that she actually did not have a floor lenght skirt to wear. But that was not actually a problem according to me. I used one of my banarasi silk dupatta and draped it as a skirt and showed her how she could use the same and no one would know that it was not a skirt but dupatta. She really loved this DIY skirt from Dupatta so much that she asked me to do a festive post on it. So here I am doing a post on what to wear for a festive Diwali Brunch or Day Party and my answer is a DIY Banarasi silk skirt and Shirt!

Dhanteras 2017 - Diwali festive outfit Banarasi skirt with Shirt

Banarasi silk skirt from Dupatta – Do it yourself

My Indo-western look for a Diwali Day party would be a festive skirt paired with a formal shirt and some royal accessories. Here I have used one of my dupatta as a skirt (you already know this by now!) you can also use a fancy golden belt to cinch up the waist and make it look more like a skirt. Here is how you can restyle your dupatta as a skirt. Wear a short lenght skirt (I have worn my regular wrap around that I wear during the day at home!) wrap your dupatta taking short square pleats at regular interval. Make sure your pleats are at equal distance and of equal size. It will give a box-pleat skirt like effect. If the dupatta is too short you can take distant pleats and if its longer then you can take smaller pleats dependin upon the size. 

Reuse your old dupatta as skirt - Do it yourself fashion restyle diwali 2017

Reuse your dupatta as Skirt – fashion restyle 2017

Make sure you tuck in the corners of the dupatta inside on both sides and let it overlap at the back. In case you feel the need, you can also take a raw stitch (I do want to utilize this dupatta again so I prefer doing only raw hand stitch) with thread or pin it up with safety pins. This step was not necessary for me as my dupatta was long enough and after over-lapping no one could make out it was a dupatta and not a skirt. A matching block heels from Dressberry completed my festive look. 

Indo-western festive outfit for Diwali brunch party - banarasi silk skirt 2017

Indo-western festive outfit for Diwali 2017

festive brunch outfit for Diwali house party - Skirt & Shirt

Diwali festive outfit 2017

no sew DIY - Restyle your dupatta as Skirt - Indian fashion blog

No-sew DIY festive Skirt from Dupatta

different ways to wear banarasi silk dupatta - indian fashion blogger

Different way to wear a banarasi dupatta

diwali festive outfit 2017 - Indian fashion blogger style tips

festive jewellery for diwali

I paired the skirt with a basic white shirt, buttoned the top part and used a royal gemstone broach from confusions fashion accessories (reviewed here) as a collar pin or collar broach. To give the complete look a festive touch I donned minakari pearl jhumki earrings (Street shopping), confusion fashion accessories hand-harness and kundan juda. Keeping the look neat and appropriate for a Diwali festive Day look, I tied up my hair in a sleek pony. 

festive bridal jewellery - Wedding jewellery fashion trend 2017

Indo-western look for Diwali

how to style shirt and skirt for festive look - Diwali 2018

Diwali festive makeup

I kept the makeup simple with slightly smokey eyes using a hint of golden brown and black eye-shadow, a gold eye-liner and a black kajal pencil. 

Diwali festive fashion indowestern ootd - Banarasi skirt + formal shirt

Diwali festival outfit

So here is my Indo-western festive look for Diwali Brunch party. Do let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Also share your restyling ideas where you have mixed and matched your outfits to create a new festive look.

Till then, 

Enjoi Diwali!

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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