70’s fashion trend in 2017 – Autumn Fall Fashion Trend!

70’s fashion trend in 2017 – Autumn Fall Fashion Trend!

Getting Retro with Polka dots & Broad Belt – 70’s fashion in 2017

Be it broad belts or newsboy caps, 1970’s fashion has got a huge come-back this year! If you are cluesless as to what I am talking about, check out my Fall fashion 2017 Trend Report to know more. I am one vintage person and I love to collect things that have a retro vibe to it. Also, I am very good at hacking my Mom’s Wardrobe in search of 1970’s statement fashion relics that I can pair up with my current looks. So when I saw the recent trend reports of autumn fall fashion 2017, I could not be more happier. 70’s retro look have come back like never before and every thing from flare pants to disco suits shouts out retro to me! Here are the Top 5 fashion trends from the 70’s that I would totally love to have in my Wardrobe or maybe I already have them! 😉

Women's bowtie fashion trend - How to style bowtie for 70's retro look

Fall fashion 2017

By now you know that its pretty easy to recreate the famous 70’s look in 2017 with your existing wardrobe, all you need is a little creativity. The five major 1970’s trends that I spotted on fall fashion runway this year were high necks, feminine bow-tie’s, polka-dots, broad-belts and skin tight leggings. 

High Necks & High Waists

While frilly high-necks were splashed all over the runways, we could also spot buttoned shirts to create the high-neck look and that is one 70’s trend which easy to recreate within your Winter fashion wardrobe. Just the way I have done here.

top winter fall fashion trends 2017 - Broad belt and high waist 70's fashion

Winter trend 2017

Buttoned up collars, broad collars are again one of the famous 70’s or 80’s fashion fad that is seeing come-back this year. 

70's retro fashion trend 2017

70’s retro fashion trend

Another Winter fall fashion 2017 trend is the high-waist trend. Be it Midi, Pant-suits or skirts, high waist ruled the runway for fall this year and it seems we will see lots of high-waist dresses in the coming months. 

Broad Belts and Vintage Bags

retro polka dot fashion - fall fashion trend 2017

Broad belts

When we talk about high-waist, waist cinching belts are a must for fall fashion 2017. From Gucci to Armaani and Victoria beckham to Miu Miu, all designers seemed obsessed with this high waisted broad belts that put the complete look into a perspective. Vintage back-packs are not far behind. 

Polka Dots

If you have watched the fall fashion closely you might agree that Polk Dots seemed to be everywhere. This is what makes the 70’s look real. Polka dots, Parkas and Plaid are the three of the 70’s adage that defined that era and all three are now being obsessed by fashion industry all over again. 

Retro fashion trends 2017 - Autumn Winter fall fashion guide

Polka Dots – Retro fashion trends 2017

polka dots and bowtie - Autumn winter fashion trend 2017

Polka dots and Bowtie

Bow-tie for Women

Women Bow-tie have been a major come-back previous year and this year they are getting more and more mainstream. With feminine bow-ties ruling the runway this fall is going to be all about Women’s Bow-tie trend. 

70's retro fashion in 2017 - Hottest fall fashion 2017 looka70's retro fashion in 2017 - Hottest fall fashion 2017 looka

Women’s Bow-tie

sock bun hairstyle - 70's retro fashion in 2017

Women’s bow-tie look – 70’s style

audrey hepburn hair style - Retro fashion 2017

Hepburn look

Here I have used a Black polka dot bow tie. This bow-tie actually belongs to my little one and is pretty easy to wear 😉 I totally  love how it looks so vintage and goes so well with this retro look. To make the 70’s look authentic, I have styled my hair in an audrey inspired sock-bun. Winged eyeliner and coral lips complete the whole look. 

Tights or Jeggings

Jeggings, fishnet tights and leather tights are the hottest fall fashion trend of 2017. And come to think of it, this one is also a retro fashion trend that is seeing a come-back. 

women's bow-tie fashion trend - fall fashion 2017

70’s leggings

70's retro fashion trend in 2017 - Vintage Fall fashion 2017

70’s retro fashion

70's fashion polka-dot dress broad belt - fall fashion 2017

Hottest 70’s fashion trends in 2017

So here are the 5 hottest 70’s fashion trends that you will be seeing a lot during Winter 2017 and you can totally recreate this look without a much do within your existing wardrobe and make your Winter more fashionable! Hope you liked the looks. Have a fab Winter ahead!

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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