Navratri Day 3 Blue colour – Grey Blue festive Choli ghagra!

Navratri Day 3 Blue colour – Grey Blue festive Choli ghagra!

Grey Blue Lehenga for festive fashion 2017

Navratri festival is on its Peak in the town and I can’t help but dance to the tunes of Garba as and when possible. I have been keeping too busy with the little one but that does not stop me from playing dandia in my favourite festival of the year. Here is my Day 3 look, I know i am posting it too late, but better late than never. As per the Navratri colours of the year 2017, Day 3 is a Grey colour and since I did not have a choli ghagra in all Grey, I chose this Grey and Blue Chaniya choli. 

Navratri Day 3 - Grey ghagra choli festive fashion 2018

Navratri Day 3

ethnic blue and grey lehenga for navratri 2018

Electric Blue and Grey

The lehenga is basically a beautiful paint-ball style tie-dyed skirt in shades of Blue and Grey with a gold and Royal blue border. 

Navratri 2018 ethnic fashion festive lehenga

Navratri jewellery

For the Day 3, I tied up my hair into a tight High-bun so that I could dance freely without hair falling in my face. As for the Jewellery I used two neck-pieces, both in german silver. One is a temple jewellery chokar necklace and another one is a long oxidized necklace with a tiny mirror on it. I donned matching peacock earrings that are totally cute and another ode to the temple jewellery collection I have. 

Navratri fashion peacock temple jewellery in german silver

Peacock silver earrings

Navratri jewelry fashion trends 2018 - german silver temple jewellery

Navratri look

I have used a blue and silver eye-shawdow, black eyeliner, pink pout and completed my look with some bindi art which is the favourite part of my navratri look. Here you can see my complete Navratri festive makeup. 

Navratri makeup trends - Blue and silver eyeshadow

Navratri festive makeup

That’s all about my Day 3 look for Navratri 2017. There are so many looks coming up real soon. I promise as soon as I load the pictures on my lappy. Till then, Happy Navratri everyone!

E Halo! 😉

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