My bandhani Dress pattern – Indian TieDye dress!

My bandhani Dress pattern – Indian TieDye dress!

latest bandhani dress pattern for 2017

Bandhani is one of the most underrated material of Indian textile industry and I truly believe so. There is so many ways that you can flaunt this tie-dye trend and yet when you have a new bandhani dress material the very first confusion you have is how you gonna design it? Because there are this set patterns and styles dedicated for a bandhani dress like putting a zari lace or mirror lace at the bottom and make a decent neck pattern or maybe add a scallops lace to the duppatta and that’s about how you will style your bandhani dress. When I recently got a bandhani dress as a gift, apart from the usual work or lace trend, I decided to do something different with my bandhani dress. I did not want to turn it into a maxi dress which was my very first option because of two reasons, I have too many westerns and not many places to go these days and other is that I regularly take my little one to prayerhall where I don mostly Indian outfits, also we had festivities lined up this year so having an authentic gaji silk bandhani dress in my wardrobe was totally on my checklist.

bandhani dress fashion -Tiedye fashion

bandhani tie-dye trend

So I got this really prettty pink and red bandhani dress material and rather than making it all glitzy with diamonds or mirrorwork and lace appliques, I decided to let the bandhani’s tie-dye trend shine by going the simple way with the dresss design. I chose a pattern with a false overlap on one siden with tiny potli buttons adorning the lenght of the dress.

latest bandhani dress neck pattern - Indian traditional fashion

bandhani dress pattern

I had this mustard colour leheriya material (another form of tie-dye) which went pretty well as a contrasting material for the pattern. that had a long slit covered with a different material altogather. With a matching palazzo pants and a messy bun hairstyle I am ready to rock this ethnic attire.

bandhani dress fashion trends - Indian fashion 2017

Bandhani dress pattern 2017

bandhani dress neck pattern 2017

bandhani dress neck pattern

tiedye dress fashion pattern - indian bandhani dress

Tie-dye fashion

Tie-dye fashion has been totally in vogue this year and to think of it, India has been the origin of this beautiful ethnic textile trend, I think it is really great to flaunt this pattern in different styles keeping intact its traditional heritage. Do let me know how would you design your next bandhej outfit in the comments below.

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