Hot Monsoon OOTD – Skater skirt & Boots!

Hot Monsoon OOTD – Skater skirt & Boots!

Monsoon fashion ootd – Badge t-shirt & Skater skirt!

Before we know it, Monsoon is already here! The weather has suddenly become all the more romantic and beautiful with the fresh smell of wet mud and splendid greenery everywhere. However along with the rain, this season also brings muddy puddles and gooey shoes! Yikes I know! Which is why I am here today with a perfect Monsoon fashion outfit that not only includes the latest monsoon fashion trend but is also super comfortable to wear during rains. Today’s monsoon fashion ootd is a halter neck t-shirt with summer patches to prep up your gloomy day, a box-pleat skater skirt to keep you dry and Boots to protect you from the rain puddles! 

Indian fashion blogger - How to style boots with pleated skirt

Monsoon OOTD

Being an Indian fashion Blogger, it is imperative for me to talk about Monsoon fashion trends, since rains in Pune last for almost four months, which means I have to be out and about in my fashionable best even while its pouring down heavily. This helped me put together a look that not only included all the latest quirky fashion trends but also are apt for Indian Monsoon weather. Its no more a secret that retro slogan and patch t-shirts have been trending a lot this year and at the looks of it the quirky slogan and patch print outfits are gonna stay here for the monsoon as well. Another major monsoon fashion trend is the skater skirt or skater dress. One of the monsoon essential is that one needs quick-dry outfits during rains and denim jeans that cling to your body is no more and option. Which is where skater skirts, cotton dungarees, ankle length culottes and pleat skirts come into picture. They are of a decent length so as to protect us from dirty muddy puddles and easy to dry as well! 

latest monsoon fashion trends - Rain boots and pleat skirt

monsoon fashion trend

Another major monsoon essentials is Boots. Ankle Boots, Rain Boots, Knee-high Boots and all sorts of Boots are a blessing in Rains. Bring out your favorite pair of Boots to protect your feet from getting drenched in water. Ankle length high heel Boots are one of the hottest monsoon fashion trend. They have been all over the fashion scene this summer and are going to sail us through this wet weather too!

hottest spring summer fashion trend - tropical patch tshirt

Summer patch t-shirt

halterneck summer slogan patch summer fashion tshirt

halter-neck slogan tshirt

So I paired up a box-pleat skater skirt that I bought from Singapore with a halter-neck t-shirt that has cute patches and slogan printed on it (My summer staple!) and completed my look with my ankle length Boots. Finally you need to keep yourselves warm in Monsoon due to the dip in the temperature and a chambray shirt is the best thing! Compared to its partner jeans, chambray gives the denim effect with the benefit of quickly drying up. This completes my Monsoon fashion Outfit! Its comfortable and quick. whats more its a sizzling hot outfit to wear on a gloomy rainy day!

box pleat skater skirt - Indian fashion blogger monsoon tips

skater skirt

latest summer monsoon fashion trends skirt & boots

Skirt & Boots

hottest spring summer monsoon fashion trend 2018

hottest monsoon fashion trends

hottest monsoon fashion trend - Pleat skirt and rain boots

Skirt and Rain Boots

latest monsoon fashion trends - Rain boots and pleat skirt

latest monsoon fashion trends – Chambray shirt

Hot monsoon fashion trend - Short boxpleat skirt & halter neck tee

Hot monsoon fashion trend – Skater skirt & chambray shirt

So here are my favorite monsoon fashion essentials- A chambray shirt, A skater skirt, A preppy top/blouse/t-shirt and Boots. What are your favorite monsoon gear? Do tell me in the comments below.

Happy Monsoon Everyone!

Stay Sizzling Hot!


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