Funk up Traditionals – Different ways to drape a cotton Saree!

Funk up Traditionals – Different ways to drape a cotton Saree!

Different ways to wear your cotton Handloom Saree – Blogger Style Tip

A Saree is the most versatile yet the most underrated outfit of Indian women’s fashion wardrobe. There is so much that can be done with those six yards of cloth, however somehow we tend to wear it in the most basic way always. There are so many different ways to drape a Saree and they are not even complicated, yet we normally get to see only a few staple drapes of saree. But with evolving time, this nine yards is gaining popularity among the young crop of fashion concious ladies, who have discovered a completely new face of this traditional attire. Especially the Cotton handloom Sarees which were once used only by our Mom’s and School teachers are returning with a complete make-over. So today I want to share different stylish ways to drape a Cotton saree which can make any plain saree totally gorgeous and a fashion statement!

Traditional Draping Style – Blouse with Simple drape

The basic drape is the saree style that is normally worn. It is a simple drape with a matching blouse. The saree is wrapped waist-down with centre pleats and the leftover material which is called pallu goes over the left shoulder and hangs loosely. You can always choose a contrasting blouse to go with your plain handloom Saree. 

Different ways to drape a cotton saree - indian saree trends 2017

Simple Drape


Assamese Drape – Knot it Up!

Try getting funkier with your traditionals with this assamese drape where you tie the saree pallu in a knot around your neck like a scarf rather. You can use any plain cotton or shiffon saree for this drape. Replace your blouse with a shirt or a t-shirt with this drape and you have an outstanding outfit ready! This is a great look for a brunch, event or an evening date! 

asamesse drape saree - Different ways to wear cotton saree

Assamese drape

Mix Up – Kurta Saree!

Who says you can not experiment with a Saree. Mix and match your ethnics and create a new look. Ditch your saree blouse for a solid Kurta and rock those desi vibes. Pleat the pallu neatly over the shoulder to give a duppata kinda effect. It is a great look for an evening function as this saree drape doubles up as a lehenga. Wear your brightest lipstick and rock the look with a lot of attitude!

Saree with Cotton Kurta - Different ways to drape saree

Kurta Saree

Shirt it Up – Work-wear!

Pant-suit is so boring, wear a Saree to work and exude power with this classic garment. Swap your blouse with a formal shirt and drape a saree over it and see how it makes for an alluring work wear!

shirt with cotton saree - different ways to style indian outfits

Shirt Saree

The Cold-shoulder Saree

Cold-shoulder is the most stylish trend of the year. Use it to prep up your old plain saree and make a gorgeous outfit. Drape the saree in front Pallu and let it do all the talking. Apt for night parties and movie dates this combination would not let you go un-noticed. 

cold shoulder top with Traditional cotton saree - Different ways to style your saree

Cold Shoulder Saree

The Bengoli Fusion

I call it a fusion between a Punjabi and Bengoli drape, its basicallly draping your pallu in front in U shape like a Duppata. Use a sleeveless t-shirt or a shirt instead of Blouse for more effect. This look is great for a function or party!

bengoli drape saree with shirt - different ways to style cotton saree

Bengoli drape

Crop it Up

Give a retro look to your vintage saree by donning it over a crop top. Check out how a simple mesh top can completely change the look of a plain cotton saree. These days bell sleeves are so in vogue, get a bell sleeved crop top to act as your Saree blouse and be a charmer. 

handloom cotton saree with mesh crop top - Different ways to wear cotton saree

Crop Top Saree

Cinch it with Belt

Kamarbandh are passé, over-sized belt are the next IT thing! Cinch up your saree with an oversized belt and take your pallu ahead securing it well on the waist. This drape not only gives you freedom of movement but also give an edge to your complete look. Get a turtle-neck tshirt for more roguish look. 

jersey and belt with saree - blogger style tips

Belt Saree

Tube Saree

Pull out all the stops with this sexy tube top and get yourself a scintiallating look. Wear a tube top with a plain cotton saree and work your charm. This has to be my favourite valentine day Saree look.

Wear with tube top - Different ways to drape a cotton saree

Tube Saree!

Maharastrain Drape

This is a front Pallu drape with the pallu wraped on your wrist inspired from some ancient maharani style. The pleats of the saree are on the side secured like in a kacchchada drape. You can wear a crop top or a jacket for the added effect. This has to be the most royal amongst all the different ways to drape a cotton saree.

maharashtrian front pallu - Indian blogger saree draping styles

Maharashtrian drape

T-shirt Saree

Wear a solid colour sweat-shirt, Top or T-shirt instead of blouse with your regular saree and see how it completely changes your look. Trust me you will look more leaner and striking with any of the above combinations. Just make sure the jersey or t-shirt is body hugging and of proper fit.

front pallu drape with sweatshirt - Different ways to drape cotton saree

Sweatshirt saree

So here are the few different ways to drape your cotton saree stylishly. The core of the styling is that your need to move out of the ordinary and break some norms to try out these experimental looks. For starters you can use basic coloured tshirts/ shirts with plain sarees and once you are confident enough you can also try mixing prints like florals and stripes to make more striking looks. Hope you have a great time rejuvinating your old cotton saree with these fun drapes. 



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