Sonam Kapoor in Micheal Cinco & Yoube – Yaay or Nay?

Sonam Kapoor in Micheal Cinco & Yoube – Yaay or Nay?

Sonam Kapoor Fashion Disaster in Micheal Cinco or Not?

For someone who hardly goes wrong on the fashion front, Sonam Kapoor finally managed to draw some flak for her styling sensibilities with a red off shoulder gown by Micheal Cinco & Yoube Jewellery at the recent Filmfare style awards.

Sonam Kapoor in Red off shoulder cinderella dress

Sonam at filmfare Style Awards

This certain Disney princess knock off red fur off-shoulder gown that Sonam chose to wear at the Style awards proved to be a total fashion disaster for her. Considering I am an ardent fan of her style & love how she keeps experimenting her look, I felt real bad when this particular fashion experiment went totally wrong. I just can begin to tell what’s wrong about this look, right from the colour to the texture everything shouts ‘disaster’ to me!

Sonam kapoor makes a fashion faux pass

Sonam Kapoor fashion disaster at style awards

Firstly I am amazed as to how she managed to put up with so much fur on her, that too in India, on  a Gown??? Well, her choice…But atleast she could have chosen a more toned down colour with that much of fur… and that sluggish neckline that went a tad bit lower crossing the border from gorgeous to gross. As if that was not enough, she had to go ahead and put on that make-up! I think she should ditch this cringe worthy gown for something more sleeker and classy, apt to her personality. However, there are people who have actually liked her look and have applauded her for the same. I would like to know from you guys if she has crossed the fashion disaster mark yet or not? Do tell me what you think about this look in the comments below.

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