My Maternity Fashion Decoded – Know where did I get my Maternity outfits from!

My Maternity Fashion Decoded – Know where did I get my Maternity outfits from!

Maternity Shopping Guide- My Maternity Gowns and links to online shopping websites

Time and again I have been asked by many of my prego & non prego friends about my maternity outfits, especially the cute and cozy Gowns that I purchased during my Bump period and this has made me write up this post. Today I will be sharing direct links to all my outfits (okay, most of them :P) and disclose some budget friendly shopping tips that can come real handy during pregnancy. So here is a complete disclosure of all my outfits along with the price range so that all those lovely momma-to be’s have a ready access to some budget friendly outfits on their fingertips.

Shopping Tip – Do not shop for Maternity outfits during pregnancy

You heard me right! I have been asked by many people as to where did I get such cute stylish outfits from and that they have been searching all around for some great maternity clothes and failing to find stuff that would please their eyes as wells as Bumps…Well Dear mommy-to-be’s & mommy’s there is where you are going wrong totally. Do not, I repeat, Do not invest unnecessarily into special maternity gowns that will not only deepen your pocket but also make you look like a granny. None of the Gown’s I wore during my pregnancy (excepting one) were from maternity range and they all not only fit me pretty well but also looked super stylish. All you have to do is invest in the right kind of outfit. For example this pink gown I wore for my baby-shower function. This has been the most cutest gown I have ever invested into and is not too expensive considering the look, feel and comfort it gives.

babyshower cute pink gown - maternity wedding gown

Pink Baby-shower gown


BOUGHT FROM MYNTRA IN 2000/- INR after Discount (Myntra coupons availed on Twitter contest ;))

CURRENTLY THIS IS AVAILABLE ON VOONIK in 1500/- (Click the link to check the same gown available online in 1500/-)

Shopping Tip – Go for the right Fit

As mentioned above, I bought this Gown in 2000/- inr online from Myntra and that too I had won some gift voucher so overall I got it for free and saved outfit expense on my baby shower. Utilize your free time by searching online for some great discounts and coupons ahead of your function. Most important is the fitting of the outfit. This is an empire waist gown which allowed free space for my baby bump during pregnancy but the best part is it can be worn even after delivery and thus you do not waste your money on a specific maternity outfit that you are not going to use later.

beautiful net satin baby shower wedding pink gown

Right fit for your gown

Look out for fits like this one which has lots of gather and free flowing material as well adjustable fitting that can be altered later on. This is a medium size gown (Yes Medium size!!!) and it totally fits me even now. Only thing to make sure is that the gown should fit you properly above the waist. You can use measure tape to make sure that you are buying the right size, and even if you fail to get the right one, you can always exchange it after delivery.

Shopping Tip – Include bright colours & florals

One thing was clear in my mind while shopping during my pregnancy, I wanted to include lots of vibrant colours!! Bothered with the mood swings of pregnancy, I was always on the look out for floral maxi’s that were breezy, comfortable, bright and colourful, something that was apt to lift my mood. And this one did just that. This was my total go to outfit that I wore everywhere, even to my doc’s visits.

Bright and cute Floral maxi maternity gown in cheap

Colourful Maxi gown



CURRENTLY THIS IS AVAILABLE ON SHOPNINETEEN in 399/- (Click the link to check the same gown available online in 399/-)

This gown is on great discount and a different colour in the same pattern is still available on Shopnineteen in just 399/- They have many other beautiful options. As discussed earlier, even in this gown I made sure it was an empire waist to allow good breathing space for my baby bump, moreover the front buttons made it for a super post delivery nursing gown.

floral maxi gown for maternity

floral maxi gown

Apart from that gown I also bought this one from the same site in 899/- inr Unfortunately I do not have a good picture of mine in this one. Both these gowns can be worn with shrugs and cardigans to cinch your waist and that way it will keep you warm as well.

Shopping Tip – Include some work-wear

Including some plain basic outfits in your wardrobe is a great way to add diversity to your collection. Also a work wear is something that can be useful even after delivery when you think of starting your career back again. I went for a monochrome jersey gown in nautical stripes that I would be pairing up with a basic black blazer in future as a work wear. You can also invest in some stretchy pencil skirts and bodycon outfits. All you need to make sure is read the description of the material carefully. They should have polystyrene, rayon or elastin along with woven cotton which means they are stretchable and will fit your baby bump quite snugly yet decently cover you.

Fitted work wear for maternity budget friendly cheap outfits

Fitted gown – Work Wear


BOUGHT FROM AMAZON IN 899/- INR after Discount (Amazon voucher availed as a part of Twitter contest ;))

CURRENTLY SIMILAR AVAILABLE ON AMAZON in 900/- (Click the link to check the same gown available online in 900/-)

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