Fall fashion Alert – Mix & Match your outfits with Wardrobe Bingo!

Fall fashion Alert – Mix & Match your outfits with Wardrobe Bingo!

Mix and Match Fall Outfits with Wardrobe Bingo

Fall is the season of mixing and matching, when we make the trends of the summer last a little longer with a little help from winter garments and accessories. Although even with all the different garments in our wardrobe, coming up with an outfit can be difficult, especially when you’re transitioning between seasons. To help you come up with an endless number of fall outfits, maybe it’s about time you started playing Wardrobe Bingo.


Boohoo Wardrobe Bingo

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A few years ago, Boohoo.com invented a game that combined the mechanics of bingo with difficult fashion decisions we make on a daily basis. While some believe that the game has no relation to fashion, numerous forward-thinkers in the industry have found bingo to be an innovative way to engage with their fans and fellow fashionistas. Vanity Fair has made several versions of fashion bingo, including one that was meant to be played during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. A while back, This Morning’s John Scott shared the latest fashion news via a web-stream on Gala Bingo, further demonstrating how interconnected bingo and fashion truly are.

If you’re currently unhappy with you fall/winter wear, it might be a good idea to update your closet before you play Wardrobe Bingo. Glamour has selected the most wearable runway trends that would be a great addition to your closet as well as your bingo card.

To make your own Wardrobe Bingo card, create a card with four rows and five columns, with each row representing the following categories: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, and Accessories. Find five items for each category, and maybe throw one or two of your favourite summer pieces while the rest have to be appropriate for fall and winter. Take pictures of each item and place them on your card, labelling the items from each row from 1 to 5. The idea is to roll a die four times for each category which will randomise your outfit. If you end up rolling a 6, use that as a free choice. Once you’ve rolled four times, you’re all set!

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