Pregnancy Dairies – My Maternity Fashion Must-haves!

Pregnancy Dairies – My Maternity Fashion Must-haves!

My Top 10 essential Maternity Fashion Outfits during Pregnancy

Maternity fashion in India is like finding needle in haystack. With too little options available in the market, the maternity range is either too expensive or does not have many options. During my pregnancy I went to some high-end Maternity stores in the malls and was simply bowled over by the price tags, not only the prices were just plain expensive, But also the stuff they sell was not at all worth the price tag! The only saving grace was that the ones I selected looked a little better than the ones on the rack. This incident inspired me to try my regular outfits for pregnancy and guess what? With some styling they in-fact looked far better than the maternity range!

Listing below my Top 10 maternity essentials that I totally couldn’t do without. Mind well, most of them are regular wear outfits that can be worn post pregnancy as well and they look super cute around your bump during pregnancy!

10 maternity fashion outfit essentials

Maternity Fashion Essentials

PS: Do not mind so many pictures of me wearing similar outfits, I had gone camera crazy when preggers! 😛

Boho Blouse or Poncho

This is one basic essential from regular wear that can be your best friend during pregnancy. Loose Boho Blouse can be belted up at waist and accessorized for a cute look. You can also  flaunt your bump in a Poncho style top as I have done below. The best part is, since this is not essentially a maternity outfit, you can wear them later as well.

Top maternity fashion outfits - boho tops or kaftans

Maternity Outfit fashion

Empire waist Dresses

An Empire waist dress is one thing I would never regret investing in, for one, it looks really cute on my petite frame and two, they are great for pregnancy as well as hiding that little paunch post pregnancy.

Maternity fashion essentials - empire waist dress

Empire waist Dress

High waist pencil skirt

If you thought your pencil skirts are to be stacked away since you are now pregnant, you are totally wrong! This is the time to bring out all your figure hugging clothing, you just need to take care that all of them are stretchable so that they hug closely around your bump and will make you look cute and adorable.

Top maternity fashion must haves - high waist pencil skirt

High waist pencil skirts

high waist maternity pencil skirt celebrity pregnancy style

Celebrity style – high waist pencil skirt

Body-con dress or jersey gown

Bodycon dresses have trending since last year and with the bodycon separates taking its place, we have been seeing this figure hugging outfit almost everywhere on the fashion scene. The best thing about these dresses is they look great on curvy women which explains their popularity amongst Indian women. Coming to maternity fashion, Bodycon dresses or Jersey gown are best to flaunt your baby bump in style. Be it work or outing a bodycon will look flattering on any pregnant woman. I did not get a chance to click pictures in a bodycon but this jersey material gown does it best in clinging to the right curves! 😛

top maternity fashion outfit essentials - bodycon dresses

Bodycon or Jersey gown

Box Pleat Skirt

Contradictory to the perceived norm, at times stiff outfits can also help you hide that little bump in the start of the pregnancy and make you look more appealing even with that little baby fat all over your  body. If you are a little edgy and want to experiment with fun outfits when preggers, do not shy away from a flouncy box pleat skirt. It looks pretty especially on petite/ short figure like mine.

Top maternity fashion outfit essentials box pleat skirts

Box pleat skirt

Sleek Belt

A sleek belt can help you a lot while converting your regular wear into maternity outfits. Belt up your loose t-shirts, flowy gowns or boho blouse to cinch your outfits at the right place making you look flattering rather than fat.

Top fashion essentials during pregnancy

Sleet belt to cinch your waist!

Maternity Jeans or Leggings

This one maternity outfit is a worth buy, only and only for its super comfort. Investing in a good fit maternity Jeans or leggings is one thing which is not considered lavish as you can style all your tops and t-shirts over them and they are super comfortable even with your tummy getting too big in your last trimester. I was so addicted to my pregnancy leggings that I was wearing one even on the day, I went to the hospital for delivery. I did not invest in denims however, since I was looking for something that could work on both Indian and western outfits I settled for basic colored leggings from stalkbuylove (budgeted pregnancy! :P)

top maternity fashion outfit essentials maternity leggings jeans

Maternity leggings

High waist Maxi/ Gown

Pregnancy is when you are looking for outfits that are not only fashionable but great in comfort and easy to wear. A maxi outfit fits this category really well. There were days where I was got so lazy that I wanted things I could just slip on and move out of the house and my maxi gown were just the thing.

latest maternity fashion outfit essentials - maxi dress gowns

Maxi Gown

Long T-shirts

A long t-shirt is great when you want to go for layering your outfits. Stretchy tank top that hugs your belly is a great go-to outfit during pregnancy. It can be layered up with a cute cardigan or a printed scarf. These days many custom made cute t-shirts are available online that can look great in pregnancy.

latest maternity fashion wear essentials long cute tshirts

Long t-shirts

Coats or Cardigans

A soft cardigan or trench-coat makes for a great layering during pregnancy and shall keep you warm in the windy days. Wear a colorful cardigan with pencil skirts or maternity jeans to put together a beautiful outfit.

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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