Maternity OOTM – Color Blocking the last trimester

Maternity OOTM – Color Blocking the last trimester

Maternity Outfit of the Month – 9th Month Pregnancy style diaries

Getting through my last month of pregnancy was pretty difficult for me, for one I was getting huge and two there was nothing I could possibly do about it! 😛 Dressing up my baby bump was becoming a task since I had outgrown almost all of my pregnancy outfits! Due to a big baby and more AFI, In my 36th week itself I was told I could deliver any time and those who saw me thought I could literally burst any moment 😛

However my maternity leggings who were my best friend throughout my pregnancy came to the rescue!

how to sport fashionable maternity outfits in 9th month of pregnancy

Pregnancy outfit of the month

As I had always insisted earlier in my Blog that one does not need a particular maternity outfit range to hail through your bumpy days of pregnancy, I still make my point clear here by donning the Ella Mint Top of Medium size which has a flare bottom to cover my bump and since the top gives a boho look, it shall be useful later on. It is imperative to invest in outfits that would be useful to you not only during pregnancy but later on, thus buying a complete maternity range is a waste of money according to me.

trendy fashionable maternity outfits during pregnancy -style file

Maternity OOTM – Flare top & leggings

Flare tops like this one, ponchos or kaftans, gathered skirts, empire waist dresses are some of the regular outfits that can easily substitute your maternity wear. In fact, if you are among those who would love to show off their baby bump, there is so much you can do with your regular clothes. Fitted t-shirts, jersey gowns, stretchy pencil skirts are few of your great assets during pregnancy.

stalkbuylove maternity outfits review online

Ella Top with Maternity leggings

Pardon my total lack of style in shoes, since I was going through a phase of swelling where nothing but these “mumma’s chappals” fitted !:P Also I had a no make-up rule for the last few months of pregnancy which continued after delivery! (Yes, that’s me without makeup, don’t you dare run away :P)

fashion maternity outfits during pregnancy

Use your regular wear as maternity wear

To add a little pop of colour to this mint top, I used a floral bucket bags. Once again a great investment, bucket bags were trending a lot this year and they have great space which is something I will need in the days to come.

how to style your baby bump with fashionable maternity outfits

Orange bucket bag

Outfit Details

Ella Mint Top –

Maternity leggings – Already featured.

Bucket Bag –

PS: Special mention for the Orange bucket bag by StalkBuyLove, I really loved the material of Bucket bag. It is high quality tough faux leather, and the colour is so vibrant!!! <3 🙂

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