Creative ideas for your dream Baby shower function within your budget!

Creative ideas for your dream Baby shower function within your budget!

Cute hand made Baby-shower Decorations, Favors, Props and Theme Ideas- Do It Yourself!

Hola fashionistas,

Firstly apologies for being MIA for quite long. Secondly, I have got a fabulous news to share with you guys, I am blessed with a cute little baby girl, our newest member of fashionmate! Yaay! 🙂 Well, I have been posting my baby shower pictures on FB recently and have come across many people asking me if I hired an event manager, how did I carry out such a fabulous function on my own, etc etc. Well to tell you guys the truth, neither did I hire any event manager nor a decorator nor a baby shower planner. All the things right from the theme to the decor, games and favors, outfits and food was arranged by yours truly! 🙂 

DIY creative ideas for cute cheap babyshower

Baby-shower Ideas

For all those wondering, I’d like to share a few tips and ideas by which you can carry out your baby-shower event or any such small function with grandeur and style within your own budget. Also, since you would be the one ruling the roast here, all things would be as per your liking and requirement, which means, your dream event! Wouldn’t that be exciting? It just takes a little awareness and creativity and you can avoid all the unnecessary cost of event planner, decorator, photo-booth cost and lot more. Savings is imperative when you plan for a baby and a DIY Babyshower is just what you need during your pregnancy to keep your budget intact while letting you make your occasion special and memorable! A baby shower can be given by friends or family or can be hosted by you as well. In my case I hosted my shower myself 🙂 In any case, this below given tips can be of real help to you. 

Baby Shower Ideas – Guest Invites

More the merrier? Think again! You do not want your uncle’s ex-wife’s daughter to be present in your baby-shower, do you? Choose your guests smartly as baby-showers are essentially meant to be intimate and cozy function for mother-to-be. Moreover, cutting down your guest list will save you a lot of unnecessary expense. Make your sending out invites a hassle free and cheap task by utilizing social & digital media. There are various online sites which provide free personalized baby-shower invites online. It’s pretty, its personalized, its quick and its free of charge 😀 Send out  your invites in emails, share them on facebook or send a whatsup message for a more personal approach. Check out my invite below, to know more details about how to prepare such invites, keep watching this space. 

Baby Shower Ideas – Choose a theme

Once you plan your event date and send out invites, the first thing that you need to do is choosing a theme. Theme will make your later preparations more easier. Theme is the basic colour co-ordination of your function. I was always bent on Pink and Blue and thus I kept colour theme Pink & Blue and co-ordinated a little! The cake is an essential part of your baby shower as these are the one time memories to be revisited in future. (So is good photography :P) You can save a lot by baking tiny cup cakes or getting a friend to bake them. I opted for a 3D pink blue shoe themed cake (inspiration taken from google 😉 )  from a friend of mine and she did a marvelous job at making an exact replica of what I wanted!

Baby shower cute 3d cake ideas for neutral

Baby shower 3D Cake – Girl or Boy?

Baby Shower Photography – Value the Skill

Good Photographer is an essential part of a successful baby shower as your Pictures are lifelong memories for future! However you can always save some bucks if you opt for a Skilled photographer rather than the famous one. There is always that friend, relative or colleague who loves to click pictures and has a good technical knowledge of the same, they need not be famous photographers, but make sure you meet them once and discuss in detail what exactly you want from them.  I really loved my pictures, however they were not exactly what I wanted, partly because I did not get time to discuss my expectations and requirement with the photographers. 

Colourful Indian baby shower decorations ideas DIY

Get colorful!

Bringing in some colour can enhance not only your function but bring out real lovely shots! Photography credits to Pranav Arwari

Baby Shower Decorations & Favors – Get Creative

Trust me, You do not need a decorator for your baby shower. You yourself can do a far better job. Right from the Baby shower banners to the decorations and Baby-shower chair decor, everything can be DIY. Take cues from pictures online and start preparing well in advance. This will not only save you money but also keep you occupied during the pregnancy and take your mind off the pregnancy jitters. Trust me, there is nothing more exciting than planning to celebrate your coming bundle of joy! 

DIY Baby-shower Banners

Getting your own personalized banner is pretty quick and easy. Just download your choice of banner, print it over a flex or glossy paper, cut out the shapes, tie it up with ribbon of your choice and your banner is ready! 🙂

Cute cheap babyshower banners online

Disney princess theme pink & blue Baby shower Banner

DIY Baby-shower Decorations

I feel Balloons are the best things when it comes to baby shower or kids party decorations. They are cheap, they are cute and they float everywhere giving a good entertainment to the guests 😉 I used pink, blue and white balloons for my shower and it was a pretty simple decor. 

Pink blue theme DIY baby shower decorations

Pink Blue Decorations

DIY Baby-shower Chair

Baby shower chair is no big deal. Its just a decorated seat for the mommy to be! We opted for a two chair option as I wanted hubby dearest to be as much a part of parenting as me (he truly is!) Thus it was our baby shower and not mine alone 😉 The chairs were covered with a white quilt and decorated with a sheer pink & Blue drape, Balloons sticked on either side of the chairs and Tada! Baby shower chair were ready! You can see the glimpse of it in below picture. Unfortunately I do not have a proper picture of the same as somehow the photographer could not get what I wanted from him and the pictures were not upto my expectations! sigh!! (make a point to discuss what you need very thoroughly, when you outsource something)

Pink Blue DIY Baby shower chair decoration

Pink & Blue Chair Decor

DIY Baby-shower Favors

Favours are small token of appreciation for the invited guests as a mark of remembrance of the baby shower. It does not need to be too expensive. You can always add a personal touch by coming up with cute little DIY favors getting a little crafty. A pretty nail paint tagged with a thank you can also be a great baby shower return gift or favor. I had source cute decorations and came up with a pretty shoe basket which I filled up with pink blue nail paint bottle and assorted chocolates. These cuties have a personalized message printed on its back as a memory for our guests. Detail post on these coming soon. 🙂

DIY cute Baby shower favors in cheap

DIY Baby shower favours

Baby Shower Photo-booth Props – Do It Yourself

Photo-booths are the latest fad for intimate events like Bachelorette and Baby showers! However hiring a Photo-booth can be pretty expensive if you are on a tight budget. But that in no way means you should not enjoy the joy of mother hood posing with cute baby props 🙂 Get creative and make your own Photo Booth Props by printing out cute little things on glossy paper and making cut-outs. If you are clueless where to begin, there are a lot of Photo Booth prop printables available online for help.Below are the props I prepared at home and they look really cool! 

DIY Baby shower Photo booth props images

Cute Photo Booth props

Baby Shower Outfit & Styling

When its a fashion Blogger’s Baby shower, Styling and Outfit can not be left out 😛 Coordinating colours with your partner can give you really cute pictures to memorize your lifetime. Wear something flowy that not only enhances your baby bump but doesn’t make you look too large! A pretty gown would be your best bet. In case you would want a traditional ceremony, go for a saree that is light weight and in a colour that compliments your skin tone. Sticking to theme of Pink and Blue, we opted for a pink gown for me and a blue shirt & denim for hubby dear. 

Baby shower outfit gown styling tips

Baby shower Outfit

Baby Shower Games

The most important part of any function is what the guest do after coming to it. If all the guest despite their age enjoy equally then its a Hit thing. Games play an important role in that. However in most of the cases the Mommy to be is asked to sit aside while the guests and relatives dance to some bangraa tune or maybe hop to an English number. Make your baby shower a memorable event by taking all your guests back to their baby days. With games like Tying the diaper on Balloon, finding the baby girth, Guessing Baby names or Guessing the Nursery rhymes there are plenty options online where you can pick. Print out some fun games and get going. Best part about it is the mommy can actively participate as most these games revolve around the mommy to be 😀

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

Written by fashionmate

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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