Top 5 Monsoon Fashion Must haves to save your day!

Top 5 Monsoon Fashion Must haves to save your day!

Top 5 Must have Items in your Wardrobe for Rainy Season

Finally the rains are here! Monsoon has struck Big time and along with it has brought a dilemma in fashion department. With the heavy showers and water puddles all around, it is difficult to get rid of clingy clothes, muddy shoes & wet essentials. Here is a list of top 10 fashion must have’s that will help you sail stylishly through out monsoon!

1. Shorts & Colorful Tights:

Cotton pants tend to cling when they get wet and denim pants can take hours to dry. It can become embarrassing and also make you fall sick. Thus Chambray shorts and colorful lycra tights can save your day in rains. Pick up bright shorts that will dry out easily and keep you comfortable all day.

Monsoon must haves - printed beach shorts

Monsoon must haves – shorts

Of course you can not wear shorts everywhere, colorful tights or leggings and Capris can be your next best pick for Rains. 

Monsoon fashion must haves-coloured lycra women leggings tights

Monsoon must have – tights & leggings

2. Waterproof backpacks or Bags:

Keeping your essentials safe and secure is as much important as looking trendy. Waterproof clear backpacks or hand bags can be your savior in rains. They will not only stock up your essentials safely but also look super sexy! 

Monsoon fashion must have- waterproof clear candy color backpack.jpg_350x350

Transparent PVC backpacks

3. T-shirts, Georgette tops & Tank Tops:

Comfort is a must during monsoon. Picking up tops that can dry easily and not cling to your body is really important. Ovesized t-shirts, tank tops or georgette tops that can dry up easily have to be an essential wardrobe must have for monsoon. 

Monsoon fashion must have- chiffon georgette tank tops

Tank Tops & chiffon tops

4. Funky Trench coats or Rain coats:

Having on the go rain coat or a Trench coat along with you will not only accessorize your outfit but also keep you  warm during rains. Layering your outfit with a beautiful trench coat can go a long way in monsoon, you can also throw in a scarf and accessorize your outfit while staying warm in the monsoon breeze. 

Monsoon fashion must have - trench coats or rain coats

Plastic Trench coats

If you are not keen on Trench coats, a transparent see through graphic print rain jacket can be a great accessory for Monsoons. These rain coats also called as anoraks are taking vogue in the International fashion scene and since they are see through they are picked up by almost all fashionistas who are keen to follow latest trend. 

Graphic clear rain jackets anorak latest fashion trend monsoon

Graphic Clear Rain Jackets

5. Rubber watch & Plastic Bangles:

You can obviously not wear your routine metal accessories during rains and risk it getting rusted. But that does not mean you can’t accessorize! Accessorize yourself with waterproof rubber watches that look punk and can show you time when you are stuck in a monsoon traffic jam. Put on some colorful plastic bangles or bracelets to prep up your monsoon. These are a few monsoon must have accessories that will save your pocket and look great! 

Monsoon fashion must have- waterproof rubber watch

Monsoon fashion must have – waterproof watches

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