Are you Monsoon ready? Gear up with fashionable rain wear!

Are you Monsoon ready? Gear up with fashionable rain wear!

Top Trends for Monsoon 2015 – Fashionable Rain gear Trends this year!

The darkening clouds, pouring showers & sweet smell of Mud are more than welcome after the scorching Summer Sun of May. The June showers have relieved us all of the rising mercury and Hot weather with its cool breeze and romantic weather. This nostalgia of have a cup of hot coffee in balcony or running out in the rains to have some hot hot bhajiyas is overwhelming me these days. Which reminds me of Top essential rain gears for a fashionable yet comfortable look! Lets take a look at a few fashion must-have’s one should stock up with , while prepping up for the Monsoon season 2015!

See through backpacks, bags and clutch for Rains

This year international fashion designers have given us a lot of see through accessories, ranging from transparent hermes bags to stella mccarty clutches. These see through bags will be a huge trend for the Monsoon. The plastic PU material will not only keep your stuff safe in rains but shall make a huge fashion statement. 

Transparent backpack bags for monsoon fashion rain wear

Transparent backpack bags

The see through Backpacks in different colours are already a huge trend amongst the college goers and more classic transparent envelope bags are taking their place at work place. 

See through hermes channel bag for monsoon rains fashion 2015

See through envelope bags

For a fun an elegant evening, pair up your short summer dress with a clear see through clutch and make your monsoon fashionable!

see through stella mccarty plastic clutch fashion trends 2015

See through clutch

Trench coats & Colourful PU Rain coats 

Designer Miu Miu presented us with a host of Plastic see through rain coats in varied colors in their spring summer collection and we knew by instant that’s gonna be our Monsoon staple of the year. Bringing in style with comfort these button down raincoats are now available in more opaque and trench coat style wrapped jackets. 

Transparent fun rain coats miu miu monsoon fashion 2015

Transparent rain coats

Plastic hunter trench coats as rain gear for monsoon

Hunter Trench coats

These trench coats from Hunter and moschino paired with some PU Boots can make a scintillating style statement even when its pouring cats and dogs! 

Funky Umbrellas See through Bubble & Graphics Trend

Cute Umbrellas are not only a great fashion statement but a must-have for Rains. The Gossip girl Bubble Umbrella trend in my opinion has been the most iconic fashion trend for Monsoons and has still not faded! 

trendy bubble umbrella monsoon fashion trends rain wear 2015

Bubble Umbrella gossip girl

This year however the clear see through umbrellas have a new friend on the block, the graphic umbrellas. Umbrellas have gone digital with whats up emoticons and twitter slogans and funky doodles printed on bright colours. 

Funky graphic print umbrella for monsoon fashion trends 2015

Funky graphic print umbrella

Fun graphic prints are sure to catch attention this rains and make a splash!

Plastic Rain Boots or Gum Boots

Knee length gum boots are a great example of style and utility for Monsoon. These plastic boots can be your best friend during this splashy weather and paired with your favourite tank tops and shorts can really take up your fashion quotient a notch higher. 

PU rain gum boots for monsoon fashion 2015 must have

Gum Boots for Rains

Here are a few creatives thrown in to bring about a fun look for your Splishy Splashy Monsoon rains, Get your creative heads togather and sport off a classic comfortable yet chic look for rains this year. Remember to follow the thumb rule, less messy more elegant. 

monsoon fashion gear-rain wear- summer fashion trends 2012

Go Flirty with tie-dye skirts and bubble umbrella

rain wear- monsoon summer fashion trends

Mint & Yellow Skorts for funky look!


Girly look for Monsoon

That’s all for today’s round up of Rains Must have fashion accessories. Hope you have a fun monsoon this year..

Happy Rains to you all!

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

Written by fashionmate

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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