Colorbar’s new Black Fiesta Nail lacquer for Confetti Nail art lovers!

Colorbar’s new Black Fiesta Nail lacquer for Confetti Nail art lovers!

Easy to do Confetti/ Graffiti Nail Lacquer from Colorbar in Merry Blue- Review

Do you belong to the category of Women who dearly love Nail art but just can seem to apply it efficiently on their hands? I am one with mismatched limbs, I somehow find it very difficult to put up a decent nail paint, forget about doing some nail art over it, despite of the fact that I am creative and I sketch so well on paper. Somehow when it comes to painting and glorifying my nails, I fail desperately! ūüôĀ

Colorbar Black fiesta confetti nail lacquer Merry Blue review

Colorbar Black Fiesta – Merry Blue

Well for people like me Colorbar has launched a first of its kind in India confetti or Graffiti nail lacquer with tiny colorful polka dots and shimmer giving you a perfect party nail art in the name of Black Fiesta range! The nail lacquer comes in 4 different shades viz green, blue, red & Multicolor all of which have a basic transparent nail lacquer with black confetti and coloured polkas or hexagons  bring about a bright graffiti nail art.

Cheap Confetti graffiti nail colours for nail art

Colorbar Confetti Nail lacquer

Today I am reviewing Merry Blue Shade form the Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer range of Colorbar which has a pretty blue colored confetti for an party time nail art effect. Lets check out how I fared with these easy peasy nail arts  for a confetti look!

Colorbar nail fiesta merry blue nail lacquer review

Colorbar nail fiesta nail lacquer

Packaging: Sturdy glass bottle with a decent thick cap applicator. 

Price: 500 rupees for 15 ml. 


The first thing that got me excited was that these are the first ever such confetti nail lacquer launched in India, although now maybeline has also launched a similar lacquer in market, but I wanted to try out these first. The nail lacquer is thick in consistency and the Merry Blue shade consists of light Blue colored matte glitter particles in shapes of hexagons along with black confetti in a clear transparent base. So basically these lacquers work best when used as top coats over other matte shades, not that it cannot be used as is. I have tried both ways, in-fact three ways, where I have used the nail paint as is, over a nude shade and over pink & blue nail paint as top coat to give away a nail art effect. 

Colorbar nail paint beauty reviews

Colorbar nail paint review – transparent coat as is

When applied as it is, due to its transparent base the nail lacquer fails to hide any pigmentation on the nails and also does not give a good finish. Another major drawback, if you have small nails like me, is that the confetti sticking to the nails is not always of equal amount and many times does wipe away along with the brush leaving only very little amount of confetti on the nails in one stroke application. 

Colorbar black fiesta nail lacquer nail paint reviews

Colorbar nail laquer with nude nail paint

However when applied as a top coat it looks way better and you can actually pick a few confetti and dab it on the base nail paint. This dabbing application gives good enough confetti glitters on each nail and you can even out the colour polka dots or hexagons by actually picking up and dabbing onto the nail paint as top coat. 

Indian beauty blog reviews - confetti nail art fashion

Colorbar nail lacquer black fiesta as top coat

The nail polish dries off quickly and stays well. Also the texture of the confetti is not rough like glitters or stars thus giving a more smooth finish. It is easy to apply as a top coat and can give a real great spray paint nail art look without much a do. 

Colorbar black fiesta nail lacquer review and swatches

Colorbar nail lacquer reviews

Colorbar black fiesta nail lacquer in merry blue review

Colorbar black fiesta nail polish in merry blue

Easiest nail art nail paint for begginers beauty blog tips

Easy and quick nail art

Colorbar nail lacquer reviews and swatches

Colorbar nail lacquer easy nail art

Pink and Blue confetti nail art colorbar

Pink & Blue confetti nail art!

Funky nail art for begginers beauty blog tips

Funky nail art for begginers

The nail lacquer is a boon for beginners like me who do not have much finesse in the nail art department and is pretty easy to use. However with nails as chipped as mine, I found that the confetti spreads a lot on the sides and cuticles and I have to remove them by picking them up with my other hand as they are not easily removed by the nail remover and chances are that the confetti’s on your top coat of nail too get stuck in the cotton and fall off. The nail paint chips a lot and once it starts chipping it looks real bad, so its advisable to remove it as soon as you spot a little chipping. Removing yet is also a little difficult as the nail lacquer is too difficult to budge with nail removers. I had to use almost half a ¬†bottle of acetone (yes those mild removers¬†don’t¬†work on these) to¬†take¬†off this nail paint from both my hands.¬†


1. Easy to use confetti lacquer that looks pretty

2. One of its kind nail polish in India with hassle-free application

3. Dries of fast and stays put longer


1. Difficult to remove

2. Chips a lot

3. Expensive for its quantity

Rating: I would rate the Colorbar Black Fiesta Nail Lacquer in Merry Blue a 3.5/5 because of its chipping and difficulty to remove. I might not invest in this nail lacquer once again for its chipping.

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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