Statement Poncho- How to dress your Baby Bump in Style!

Statement Poncho- How to dress your Baby Bump in Style!

Maternity Leggings & A statement Poncho Top for Pregnant Women Style Pangs!

One major hurdle for photo-shoots after the onset of my third trimester was dressing up the baby bump! lolz… However, as ecstatic I am in my pregnancy, I wanted to flaunt it as much I can. Fitting into a comfortable outfit becomes imperative once you are nearing you D-day as it is not only important for you to breathe well but also stay away from any skin rashes or fitted clothes that will hamper your blood circulation. A great Maternity range becomes all the more imperative during these months. Making a style statement becomes difficult if comfort is all what you are looking for, but thanks to some stylish maternity range available online these days, shopping stylish maternity clothes have become a lot more easier than it was few years back! 

Poncho & fashionable maternity leggings for pregnancy fashion

Poncho & Maternity Leggings

One of my favorite statement piece these days is a Poncho! A beautiful Poncho top can be styled in several ways to give you a fashionable yet comfortable look during pregnancy. These are not your regular loose maternity tops that wont fit you afterwards. The best thing about a Poncho Top or a Poncho Dress or Kaftan for that matter is that you do not need to keep altering them as you put up weight. They are all free sizes and can look great even when you are back to your normal figure after delivery. This way, they prove to be a great investment. 

How to dress up your baby bump in style maternity fashion 2015

OOTD – Stylish Poncho & Maternity leggings

This beautiful Poncho Top in Mint green & Bubblegum print has been my summer favorite during my second and most of my third trimester till now. It is so flexible and comfortable that I can still wear it without any nudges or fixes! 😀

How to buy cheap maternity clothes online

OOTD – Poncho & Maternity leggings

Another great buy in pregnancy are the Maternity jeans or Maternity Leggings. They are super comfortable, can be paired with anything from Anarkalis to tops and are totally your best friend during Pregnancy. A good cotton material maternity leggings are really important to take care not to rub your sensitive break out skin and create more rashes. StalkBuyLove is one amazing site that stocks up on lovely maternity range outfits and their maternity leggings are one of my best buys during my pregnancy. 

Stylish maternity jeans online fashion 2015

Stylish Maternity Leggings

Online maternity leggings and Poncho pregnancy fashion trends 2015

How to style your baby bump in pregnancy

Trendy maternity wear online fashionable poncho and pregnancy leggings

Maternity wear online

Stalkbuylove online maternity leggings review fashion 2015

Stalkbuylove maternity range review

Online maternity leggings and Poncho pregnancy fashion trends 2015

Mint green and bubblegum pink summer shades for pregnancy

Outfit Details: 

Poncho Top: Stalkbuylove

Maternity Leggings: Stalkbuylove

Accessories: Confusionfa

Mint Loafers: Clarks

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