Budget Fashionista- Shopping tips that does not burn your pocket further!

Budget Fashionista- Shopping tips that does not burn your pocket further!

Discount Shopping – Tips on How to buy clothes and accessories on Cheaper rates and save some Bucks!

Staying Fashionable and looking like a Diva sure sounds great, but splurging unnecessary may leave you Broke before the end of month! Most Women face this situation where they find it difficult to distinguish between Shopping and Splurging! How much is too much? When to stop and How to Shop are few questions that never have a black and white answer in our dictionary! 😛 Not in mine atleast! Well, Fashion has its own downside and that is putting a big hole in your pockets. I am a fashion freak and  I love to shop but not always do I have the luxury to do that, which is why “SMART SHOPPING” is becoming more and more important for Women today.

Smart Shopping essentially means putting a little research before heading on to click that checkout button on sites. Online shopping is becoming quick and easy with all the apps, coupons and discount offers coming in every day, however along these perks of online shopping comes the risk of being cheated and fooled. These days many sites are coming up with discounts and it becomes a task to rectify if the discounts are genuine or the prices are hiked and then cutt-off in the name of Discounts. Many a times such discounts sites sell stuff in higher prices compared to their commercial counterparts. In such scenario how to shop smartly and save money? Well, we have a few tips below for you to know how you can do just that! In fact if you are lucky enough you can not only save but earn as well 😉

Tips for Discount shopping for cheap clothes in bargain

Discount Shopping Scare!

Earning while you shop? Sounds crazy right? Well not if you do your home-work well! Lets start with the first things first. How to zero in on which site to shop from? With so many portals coming up everyday it becomes difficult to pick the right e-commerce website for your shopping needs. You also need to make sure the site stocks up all the brands so that you have better choice and variety if you deem to shop from there.

Outline your requirements

Knowing your priorities is a must while going on a shopping spree. You would not want unnecessary items stocking up in your wardrobe which you might not take out to wear. Make a list of things that you really require right now and prioritize them with the things you can not just do without in descending order.

How to do smart shopping for cheap clothes online

Google search for Smart Shopping

Do Your Research

 When you are out to shop online, don’t just jump onto whatever site pops into your head or whatever sites advertisement you have seen on your Facebook account. Most people get tempted from the attractive ad banner floating around on various websites and just click away and start shopping. I am not saying they are not worth it. But all I say is to use the power of search engine! 😉 Google around for websites offering discounts.

Select the perfect online discount coupon website for shopping

Select your shopping portal with a little research. Search online for portals that show a comparative pricing of brands. One that mentions clearly the discount amounts and is user friendly. You would want all your fashion related brands listed on the portal so that you can get the maximum discount advantage. The portal should have different e-commerce and online shopping sites categorized in a way that is easy to search and list them. Not only that, a mention of number of coupons available also saves you time of going to the site and finding that the coupons have already expired.

Discount coupons for online shopping-Smart shopping for budget fashionista

Finding the right Coupon site

Look for Cash back Options

Only discounted coupons are not enough! Look for Sites that offer cash back! Yes this is what I meant when I talked about earning while you shop. There are many sites like Pennyful.in which not only provide online discount coupons on their portal but also give cash back into your account when you shop through them. This cash can always come handy while you shop next time or you can even save the money for future. Cash back is the real money transferred into your account after each transaction and is not in the form of coupons or vouchers, which is the best thing. As unlike other portals it does not make it a compulsion for  you to shop again though them by alluring through the discount vouchers and coupons. Isn’t that great?

Online discount shopping in budget with cash back options pennyful review

Pennyful coupon site review

Look for sites that give more than just cash back!

Our greed has no limit right? 😛 Well, there are sites like these crafted especially for such species like me. I am a regular online shopper and such sites can prove to be a boon for me if I use them smartly. Pennyful for one offers not only cash back option but also has a referral program where you can earn money (yes money not points) when you refer it to your friends. Now that’s what I call “cherry on my cake” I feel with all its Brownie points this is an amazing site to shop smartly. Let me tell you, I am just giving you all one of the many options out there. Keep researching yourself and finding the best shopping portal for your budget friendly shopping!

Hope these tips will help you in your discount shopping spree. So shop without a Fret you gals! 🙂

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