Summer Fashion Trend – Sexy Sunglasses this season

Summer Fashion Trend – Sexy Sunglasses this season

Summer Fashion Trend: Sexy Sunglasses to lift up your look!

The scorching Sun and raising mercury have brought summers sooner than expected. With the change in the season our daily fashion statement also changes, from elaborate gowns giving way to light comfy wear shorts and summer dresses, dollops of sunscreen replacing the daily moisturizers and hats & fedoras finding their way out of closet. One most important trend for summers is the Sunglasses, which not only protect you from the scorching sun but is also a huge fashion statement if you select the right one for you.

Sunglasses fashion trend for Summer 2015

LFW Sunglasses!

Contrary to the general assumption, this year fashion gurus have shown us that Sunglasses are not limited to western wear and a pair of vintage glasses can be flaunted over your stunning sarees and lehengas as well as gowns. Designers like Sabyasachi and Tarun Tahiliani showed us how a right pair sunglasses can lift up any Indian or traditional look and give an edge to it. Here are a few basic shapes that are Super Hot for the summer 2015 😉 (pun intended)

1. Barely There Transparent Glasses:

Transparent Sunglasses latest summer fashion trends 2015

Transparent Sunglasses – Fashion Trends 2015

These are thin rimmed transparent sunglasses with colored frames that seem barely there. With the summers going more sleek and comfortable the Sunglasses trend has switched to more comfortable and simple glasses. These Sunglasses are apt for evening wear or office wear.

2. Glittering Frames or Embellished frame Sunglasses:

Embellished sunglasses- Summer fashion Trends 2015

Embellished Sunglasses – Trends 2015

Embellished frames are taking vogue these days with broad colorful framed sunglasses being embellished with diamonds, glitter & floral embellishment. The swanky sunglasses can prep up your look any day and can lift up you mood in a jiffy. Best worn with simple outfits like plaid shirts & denims & letting the embellishment bask in all its glory.

3. Round or Lenon Glasses:

Round sunglasses lenon shades fashion trends spring summer 2015

Round Glasses – Fashion Trends 2015

The lennon shades of last season are still going strong with bigger round frames taking vogue this year. The round glasses bring a exquisite vintage vibe to your attire and are apt for matching it up with Sarees and traditional outfits.

4. Cat Eye Glasses:

Cat eye sunglasses fashion trends summer 2015

Cat Eye Glasses – Trends 2015

A little last season, yet Cat eye glasses are still selling off like hot cakes. These sharp sunglasses bring a vibrant look to your outfit and can be paired up with shorts, pant suits and biker jeans. They give a sort of Punk effect to the whole look.

5. Half rimmed Glasses:

Half rimmed sunglasses Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2015

Half Rimmed Glasses – Trends 2015

These are the cutest looking glasses with all the trendy Lennon’s and cat eye glasses going vintage with half rim. Perfect for a chic look or a shady brunch where there is less of Sun and more of glamour 😉

6. Over-sized Sunglasses:

Oversized sunglasses bohochic fashion trends spring summer 2015

Over-sized Sunglasses Trends 2015

The 70’s are back on the ramp this summer with Models wearing Broad, Square and oval thick framed Over-sized Sunglasses that go so well with the Retro Pantsuit & bohemian looks. These sunglasses are apt for the Coachella festivals and Boho-chic college girl style.

 7. Funky & Coloured shades:

Colourful quriky sunglasses fashion trends 2015

Funky colour-ful sunglasses

Summers are all about funky & vibrant colours, which reflected in the year’s fashion weeks as well. There were fun colored quirky glasses that stormed the ramp and are sure to woo your hearts with their cuteness. I have specially fallen for those Barbie girl pink glasses.. 😉

8. All time favorite Aviators:

Funky Aviators sunglasses fashion trends 2015

Funky Aviators – Sunglasses trend 2015

Aviators are one must-have pair for every fashionista. They are super stylish and they are super versatile. You can glide on your aviators on almost all of your outfits and while on a sunny beach, nothing better than a nice pair of aviator glasses. This year it’s all about retro aviators with frosty glasses.

If you are hooked on sunglasses and want to make a style statement this season, you should totally invest in one such quirky statement glasses to sail through the scorching sun this summer stylishly. If you are wary of buying branded sunglasses you can always look for online portals for some great discounts. There are some totally adorable elite sunglasses at that are totally drool-worthy!

Happy Shopping, Happy Summers to you all!


Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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