Summer Beauty Tips – Fuschia Anti Ageing night Cream Arabian Jasmine Review

Summer Beauty Tips – Fuschia Anti Ageing night Cream Arabian Jasmine Review

Fashionmate Beauty Review – Fuschia anti ageing night cream Arabian Jasmine for dull & dry skin

Hello Girls, Happy Mango Season to you all! Before we know it, Summers are in full bloom bringing in the yummy smell of Alphonso mangoes all around (M a huge mango fan :P) Well, Summers are also known for dry flaky skin prone to wrinkles and if you are carrying during this season Pigmentation is yet another issue! (Yes, Yours truly is gonna give you all some good news soon ;)) Coming back to the topic on hand, I am facing dry, dull skin with pigmentation these days and with all the stretching, premature ageing is another scary concern I have. A good night cream is a must for skin renewal and repair for women during summers, especially if you are undergoing drastic changes in your skin. If you all are wondering why a night cream when we are already using a day moisturizer/cream, let me tell you, our skin cells repair themselves at night and thus an anti-ageing or repair therapy cream is best to be applied during night. Moreover, night is the longest time duration when you do not involve yourself in any activity which can take that cream off your face or mix it with grime or dust or volatile vapors. (Yes, I am a scientist so you shall have to bear this! :P) Thus today I am reviewing one such Anti Ageing Night Cream by Fuschia named Arabian Jasmine! (mmm….) Read more to check out my experience. 

Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti-ageing Night Cream Review

Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Night Cream Review

About Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti Ageing Night Cream

The Arabian Jasmine Anti ageing Night Cream by Fuschia claims to prevent premature ageing & sagging the skin with its 100% vegetarian and natural ingredients like Jasmine oil & Vitamin E which prevents fine wrinkles. The best thing about Fuschia products is that they are free of parabens, phthalates, petroleumase, artificial tints & synthetic perfumes.

Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti Aging Night Cream for Wrinkled skin

Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Night Cream Packaging

Packaging of Cream:

The Arabian Jasmine Night Cream comes in transparent, rectangular screw cap tub. The top green cover mentions the product name & quantity. However I love the fact that the product comes with cute little prescription cards that contain the details of the product, its contents and application procedure. They seem lovely, but I do miss having the details on the tub itself as I am not much particular and I find it more comfortable to turn the tub/tube and read 😛 lazy me!

Best anti ageing night cream - Fuschia arabian jasmine

Anti Ageing Night Cream Review

 Ingredients of Cream: 

Fuschia brand uses all the natural ingredients which are 100% vegetarian. This particular night cream contains Jasmine Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Kokum Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Biostine HP. All these essential oils are great for skin and very efficient if used during pregnancy, for dry skin, wrinkled/saggy skin. The Biostine HP used is a botanical polysaccharide and nano collagen that enables the cream to penetrate deep into the epidermis.

Fucshia Arabian Jasmine Night Cream Review- Fashionmate Beauty Tips

Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Night cream review

Pricing & Quantity:

This pack of 50 gms is priced at Rs 705/-. The product is safe to use within 30 months from the date of manufacturing.

Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti Aging Night Cream review by Fashionmate blog

Fuschia Night cream – Ingredients

My Experience with Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti Ageing Night Cream:

How to avoid premature ageing in pregnancy

Fuschia Anti ageing cream

First things first, I just love the way they wrapped the product in this cute little fancy bag. As soon as I opened the cap, I was smothered with a lovely jasmine fragrance that is not too strong, yet does not go unnoticeable. Its a off-white colored cream with a thicker consistency that does not go away easily in one rub. The only grudge I could have with its packaging would be the tub, which is no doubt cute but not easy to use or carry, I would any day prefer a tube.

Fashionmate beauty reviews - Fuschia anti aging arabian jasmine night cream

Fuschia Night Cream Application & Experience

I tried the cream on my hand first and it did not irritate so I went ahead and applied the cream in circular motions, after cleansing my face as mentioned in the directions. The cream takes a little while to completely penetrate into the skin and needs a small massage with your fingertips. (which means more of your time, but more of skin pampering as well 😉 )The smell is great, has a calming effect, gives good sleep (to me atleast) and it is not sticky as I had expected night creams to be. Can you believe its thick but not sticky or greasy? 🙂

Top anti ageing night creams for wrinkled saggy skin - Fucshia review

Anti Ageing Night cream reviews

The cream claims to flush toxins out of the skin & keep it hydrated while repairing the skin throughout the night. After using the cream for almost two weeks, I can say it definitely improved my pigmentation, kept it hydrated and keeps the firmness in check. I am not much sure about the wrinkle lifting aspect of it but as far as premature ageing is concerned, it does maintain the elasticity of the skin. I can feel the area around my neck is firmer in-spite of the regular bulking up. I shall continue using this cream through out my pregnancy and let you guys know if it does help in removing wrinkles later.


1. The product is 100% natural & Paraben/ Chemical free.

2. Keeps the skin firm and Hydrated.

3. Due to its thick consistency very little of product is used in one time and hence the tub will run longer than you expected.

3. Improves pigmentation and skin repair process.

4. It works well for all skin types.

5. Makes the skin supple and improves dullness of the skin.


1. I would prefer a tube packaging as its more hygienic to use and travel friendly as well.

2. The product is a little on the expensive side, however considering the effects I think its worth the price.

3. Some people would not like the thick consistency of the cream that is a little on the grainy side and the smell that is a little on the stronger side. Surprisingly, I have a sensitive nose, but I was not offended by the smell, maybe because I love the jasmine fragrance.

The Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti Ageing night cream is apt for combination to dry skin & normal skin people who have a dull skin and are looking for skin rejuvenation & Elasticity. I am sure, regular use of this cream shall avoid further ageing, sagging skin and wrinkles. It is great for people going under hormonal changes as it will make sure you do not loose the natural glow of your skin as well as maintain its firmness under the adverse conditions.

I would give it a 4.5/5 for the effect it has on me.

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