My Ballerina Style file: How to match ballerinas with your dresses?

My Ballerina Style file: How to match ballerinas with your dresses?

Comfy and Chic Ballerina shoes to go with all your outfits Indian & Western

Ballerina shoes originally derived from Ballet Shoes, means a flexible light weight comfortable shoe designed specifically for Ballet Dancing. Apt to its words Ballerina shoes are the best option when you are putting comfort over your heels. And when I say putting comfort over your heels, I never mean leaving your style behind 😉

Stylish Ballerinas can hike up your look, be it an Indian outfit or Western, Formal wear or Party Dress. Beautiful Ballerinas are my go to, especially now since I am not allowed wearing high heels. The best part about Ballet shoes is flexibility that it provides, I can flaunt them even when my legs are swollen these days due to pregnancy.  So here are some quick Ballerina Styles that I’d like to share with you all!

Basic Black Ballerina ballet flats for all outfits 2015

Black Ballerinas for All outfitts

Basic Black Bellerinas for Day & Night:

I think everyone should ideally have one of these basic black ballerinas which can be paired with any outfit. These are my routine ballerinas that I hop into anytime I have to go out, be it buying groceries or going to temple. These are one simple & comfortable pair of shoes that I can live in! Like literally! 😛

How Style your outfits with Gold Ballerina Shoes 2015

Gold Shimmer Ballerinas

Shimmer or Gold Ballerinas for Your Traditional outfits:

Ballerina shoes not only look good on western but also can be paired up with your traditional outfits. If you are looking to swap your golden heels with something more comfortable to wear over that Saree or Lehenga, this Shimmer Gold Ballerinas has to be your pick. I got these ones on my visit to Bangkok; they are simple shimmer Ballerinas that look good with my elegant Gowns & Ethnics.

Embellished Ballerina flats for party wear -style your ballets

Embellished Pink bow ballerinas

Embellished Party Ballerinas:

Embellished Ballerinas are one shoe that can look graceful and stylish at the same time. These are the best for party hoppers; just slip on one of these balle shoes and rock any party you attend. These pretty pink bow ballerinas with diamond embellishment were once my favourite party wear. Now that they have worn off a little I am thinking of investing into another such pair. These are pretty much can be worn to malls to night parties type of shoes for me.

Sexy ballerinas for gowns & frocks- style 2015

Metallic Ballerinas for Gowns

Pretty in Pink Metal embossed Suede Ballerinas:

Metal Embossed Suede Ballerinas are almost similar to the embellished ballerinas but are less jazzy in look. They are sort of casual cum party wear which can be used for dual purpose. Suede shoes are great for formal to casual wear and look a bit more sophisticated. I have got one such cute pair in pink that I pair up with both formals and informal attire.

Style your Wedge bellerinas for Western outfits and Traditionals

Wedge Ballerinas for Parties

Wedge Ballerinas:

For those who are looking for a little heel along with comfort, Wedge Ballerinas are perfect for you. These are mini wedges fit into ballerinas to give a comfy chic look. These are great for those who want to amp up their height a little but do not want to go out and out for Heels. I mostly prefer these wedge Ballerinas on Sarees these days, they excuse me from the excruciating pain of wearing heels and yet provide the required height I need.

Florals or Loafer Ballerinas for casuals work wear 2015

Floral Ballerinas or Loafer Ballerinas

Floral or Pop colored Statement Ballerinas/ Loafer Ballerinas:

Just like the basic, I think everyone should have one stylish floral or Pop colour Belle’s in their wardrobe. These are summer staples and go well with Denim shorts and floral skirts. I love this mint green loafer style Ballerinas which are catchy to the eyes, I like pairing them with subtle colours, such that the shoes stand out! Mint green being the spring summer favorite colour I can’t wait to style up these babies!

How to sytle your balle shoes with formal work wear

Formal wear Ballerinas

Decent Work-wear Ballerinas:

If you thought Ballerinas were just for fun outings & parties think again. These pretty shoes can be your best friend while you jog up your day moving around in the office comfortably. I have this classic white pair of Ballet shoes that I love to pair with my white denims and other work wear. I also had a pair of loafer ballerinas that I used to wear to office. They are super comfortable and look elegant with work wear.

If you too are a Ballerina fan just like me and are looking for some great options online, then you should totally check out Ballerinas from They have a huge variety and great options in Ballet flats. Happy Shopping Girls!

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