An elegant Affair- Different draping styles & types of a Saree

An elegant Affair- Different draping styles & types of a Saree

Different ways of Draping a Saree – Styling up your simple Saree

A strip of cloth, that is what a Saree essentially means and that is how it has to be treated. Saree is one such elegant & versatile piece of outfit that you can never get bored of. There are so many different ways to wear and so many different styles to adorn. I have always been an ardent fan of Sarees just for one simple reason, Sarees never go out of trend! They come in all materials and colors and even sizes, yes! forgot about the nav-vaari? There is banarasi silk, Georgette, chiffon, printed, cotton, embellished, Net, brocade, tissue and what not types of sarees available in the market.

Different ways of draping a saree - Saree fashion trends

Different ways to drape a simple saree

Ever wondered what all kinds of drapes & Styles you can try out with your simple saree with nice border? Well, I have listed a few easy drapes that you can style up yourself with? Here is a short list of types of different drapes you can try for yourself.

The Nivi Drape or Simple Drape Saree:

The Nivi is the most common style of saree and the first style that one ever tries to wear a saree. It is a simple drape where the saree is wrapped over the underskirt from right to left with the other end falling just at your feet length, the saree is wrapped once and then you go for short pleats ranging from 5 to 7 depending on the length of saree, the remaining pallu is then pleated carefully and tucked over the shoulder safely securing with a safety pin. The pleats of the Nivi Saree are always facing the left side.

Nivi Saree draping style - Saree fashion 2015

Nivi style Saree Drape

Gujarati Drape Saree:

How to drape a saree gujarati style - Gujarati Panetar saree

Gujarati Saree Drape

This is a front pallu style saree drape mostly wore by women in Gujarat. The complete drape is similar to Nivi Saree but the pleats are facing the right side, leaving a longer pallu. Now hold the pallu and pleat it neatly, take the pallu from the back to the right shoulder and tuck it with pin such that the pallu falls in front. Hold one of the last pleats and tuck it on the left waist in front to give a complete gujarati style look.The above pic is of my panetar saree that I had worn in my wedding 5 years back. The gujarati people love to flaunt this red and white saree called panetar on their wedding. This saree also contains a unique tye-dye pattern famously known as Bandhani.

Lehenga Style Saree:

Lehenga Saree has been a lot in Vogue these days with most of our Celebrities opting for lehenga saree or lehenga drape. Most of these are custom-made lehenga saree with a lehanga attached to a pallu pre-stitched into a saree.

Saree styles - Lehenga Sarees 2015

Celebrity sporting Lehenga style saree

However you can also transform your simple boring saree into a lehenga saree with easy steps and flaunt in style.

How to style your saree in lehenga drape - Lehenga Saree 2015

Lehenga Saree

For a lehenga style saree, you can use any of your ornately embellished saree and turn it into a lehenga saree. Drape the saree forming small small pleats like they are in the lehenga or ghagras. Keep doing it till you get to the pallu. Drape the pallu in the above mentioned Nivi style and your lehenga drape is ready.

Bengali Style Saree Drape:

Just like Gujaratis the Bengali style also has an exquisite drape, uniquely identifying the bengoli culture. The Pallu in the Bengali saree is longer and comes twice on the shoulders. With hordes of Bengali actresses in Bollywood, this drape is a particular favorite amongst Celebrities and makes quite a style statement.

Bengali style draping style for saree - how to drape bengali saree

Bengali Style Drape

In the bengali style saree, we start the draping from the right side of and wrap it till it comes to a full circle back into the right side. Now tuck the saree across from right side of the waist to left and reverse it from left to right, repeat this step twice. Now take the pallu, pleat it and put it on your left shoulder such that it makes a deep ‘U’ in front, take the corner of the pallu from behind and bring it in front from the back from under your right hand and place it on your right side. Tie a trinklet or key rings to the pallu corner giving it an authentic bengali look.

Half Saree Drape:

The half saree, also called as LangaVoni or Daavani in south is essentially a ghagra choli in matching colour with a contrasting dupatta that comes across as a pallu, from the waist. However with a right twist you can try the tricks of our Bollywood celebs to create a Half-saree like vibe in your saree draping. 

How to drape a south indian half saree deepika style - Saree fashion

Half-Saree Drape

Iconic Mumtaz style two tier Drape:

Generally reffered to as mermaid style saree, this drape became famous in the 60’s and the 70’s with iconic actress Mumtaz and many other of her time. Due to its diagonally draping, this saree gives a huge slimming effect and is figure hugging. The retro look being in Vogue, you can easily pull of a winged liner two tier look to give a fresh change to your normal drape.

Mumtaz style retro two tier mermaid style saree drape 2015

Two-tired drape

For this drape, start from left as usual keeping space for movement bring ahead and make normal pleats but smaller ones, you would want to leave a longer pallu left out for the dual draping. wrap your pallu twice in two tiers before bringing it in front and passing over your right shoulder making sure the lower pleats hang behind. Tuck the pleats with pins to give a more precise look. This saree is about smaller pleats both on pallu and the front, giving you a more curvaceous look. 

The Dhoti Drape:

The recent rave is all about dhoti style saree drape, with Sonam Kapoor making it an International Statement at Cannes, Dhoti Saree has since been a hot favorite amongst the fashion conscious. With a little help from technology, you too can sport this drape for your saree and rock the Dhoti look. 

Dhoti Saree - how to drape a dhoti drape like sonam kapoor 2015

Dhoti Saree

Apt for pear-shaped figures this dhoti saree looks edgy and is pretty easy to drape. For better look at this saree drape, you can check out the below video form Missmalini’s blog with easy steps to a dhoti drape..

Such different drapes and styles of sarees are available with various portals online like at that has a huge collection of silk sarees, chiffon sarees, printed sarees and lehenga sarees amongst other ethnic outfits.

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