How to clean/store your pearl jewelry – Fashion Tips

How to clean/store your pearl jewelry – Fashion Tips

How to take care of your Pearls and maintain their shine – Fashion Jewelry Tips

If Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friends then Pearls have to be our Soul-mates. Pearls are one of the must-haves in every woman’s jewellery box, however old or new, they never get out of trend. These royal and delicate babies however demand a lot of love & care. To keep your pearls shining & lustrous always, one needs to take good care of them.

Pearl Jewelry storage and care


Pearls are basically delicate organic gems developed inside the soft tissues of a shelled mollusk like oyster. The outer covering made up nacre which is almost like the enamel of our teeth, made up of calcium carbonate, the nacre can easily wear off under harsh conditions such as acidic, alkaline or heat. Thus in order to make sure your pearlies remain shining for a long time there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Wear Your Pearls at last: Pearls easily react with many chemicals including alcohol & ammonia which are present in perfumes & cosmetics. These chemicals can reduce lustre of Pearls and cause abrasions. It is thus important that you wear your pearl jewelry after finishing your make-up. Also make sure not to put perfume on the neck when you are wearing Pearls. Not only that, they should be the first thing you remove after coming back. Keep your Pearls away from cleansing products, harsh detergents, face-wash, make-up, etc & your Pearls will keep shining all the time.

how to wear your pearls - wear them after make-up

Wear your Pearls with care

Store your Pearls with Care: Most of the brands, sell their Pearls in a smooth silk pouch just like  the Pearl Jewelry at, however if they do come in Plastic pouches, make sure you remove them at the earliest and store them in a soft chamois or silk bag, jewellery box with velvet lining. Make sure you store your pearl Jewellery separately and not mix with other gems, stones or diamond jewellery. The delicate nacre or upper layer of Pearl is abrasion prone and can easily be scratched with other hard jewellery. Never store your pearls in a dry room or safety deposit box for a long time, Pearls like all living things need air and humidity to maintain their shine. Best place for your Pearls has to be your skin 😉

How to store your pearl jewellery - fashion & shopping tips indian blog

How to store your Pearls

Cleaning your Pearl darlings: Cleaning your pearl jewellery is an easy task and should be done regularly, however harsh cleaning agents used to clean other jewellery can be harmful for your Pearls. Use a soft leather chamois cloth regularly after use. If you need to shine up your old pearls you can use a damp soft cloth dipped in mild soap solution.

How to clean Pearl jewelry- clean your pearl necklace

How to clean Pearl Necklace

Care for your Pearls: Your soul mates needs lots of love and Care. Store your pearl Jewellery away from heat or sunlight or extreme conditions. Do not mix up bangles with your pearl bracelets; do not clean your pearls in Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaners or with harsh detergents. Restring your pearls every year with soft silk threads. Make sure to keep a knot after each pearl so that they stay separate, you would not want them to lose shine because of friction, would you?

Restringing your pearls - How to care for your pearl jewellery

Caring of your pearls – Restringing your pearls

In case you are wondering caring for pearl jewellery is too tedious work for you, always remember, they are totally worth it! Pearls are your soul mates, Love your pearls and they will love you back! So let your Pearls stay shining for years with these simple tricks..

Hope you have a Pearly night 😉

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