Wedding Season ! Design It Yourself a trendy Wedding Lehenga! DIY Outfit

Wedding Season ! Design It Yourself a trendy Wedding Lehenga! DIY Outfit

How to get a customized Trendy Bridal Lehenga this Wedding Season! Style up your Outfit with Fashionmate- Indian Fashion Blog

Hello Girls!! How are you doing this wedding season??

Wedding seasons are chaotic for me, while I go style hopping from one function to other and one wedding to another wedding, I not only work hard to keep up my Stamina but also to keep the Style quotient going. I always scour for comfortable yet adorable outfit’s that I can carry with elegance in the in-numerous weddings that I attend. An anarkali is the quick pick when it comes to selecting a comfortable outfit. But what when the Wedding is a family one and you really have to look your best! Saree is an option of-course, but looking at my clumsy nature, I would fear tripping on my own saree before I reach the stage. With Saree being out the Window the only sensible option that remains is Lehenga. (PS: I do carry a Saree very well at times, having said that Comfort is the key! Psst coming up with a post on comfort sareez! :P)

How to design Indian bridal jacket lehenga designer Manish Malhotra style

DIY- Design It Yourself- Bridal Outfit

Back to Lehenga, the most unnerving thing I find about shopping for an Outfit is that the ones that are really cheap and affordable are way too common and the ones that are actually unique and exquisite are way too expensive. Striking a balance between both these is really difficult. Imagine this, way back in 2010 I bought an Outfit from Mangaldas Market, Bombay ( those who do not know, It was my shopping destination long time ago!) in a whopping 3.5k for an Anarkali. I loved the pattern and colour combination so the gullible shopaholic in me caved in. The very next week, we had a function to attend where in many guest were in attendance. As luck  would have it, I had a complete “Sex & the City” Samantha Style show-down when I spotted not one but two other people wearing the exact same outfit as me! That day & Today and the outfit still lies in one corner of my Closet. ( Fret not, I have already decided to restyle it to renew it completely!  Yaay!)

Benefits of Designing your own Outfit – DIY Outfits

After this incident I have been quite wary of buying ready-made garments ( non designer ones! :P) for weddings or occasions, this lead me to DIY – Design It Yourself Concept! Being always keen on fashion, I have always had a choice & say in clothes, I knew whats trendy  and what would look good on me & I finally thought to put that to some use. I started hunting for materials rather than outfit’s, searching for pretty laces, motifs & accessories and Putting together an outfit rather than buying a ready-made one! Advantages you may ask??

1. I got an elixir for my creative expression through the Design It Yourself Concept!

2. I get myself Unique outfit’s that are custom-made and fit to size just for me!

3. It’s a huge bargain in terms of Cost! Trust me…

How to design your own bridal outfit wedding season 2014


The first step to designing your own Outfit is to visualize your design in mind or google it through internet, Come up with a unique pattern and imagine your colour codes. Then go scurrying about finding the right materials, Be it Brocade, Net, Velvet, you should be sure you are getting a good material which will look graceful as well as gives a proper fall on your silhouette.

Lace applique for Designing your own Bridal Outfit Manish Malhotra inspired lehenga

Lace & applique

Once done, you need to  find the right applique, lace to go with it. Depending upon the material you select, you can also get it embroidered by the local tailor. Make sure you put across the material along with the lace & applique to confirm they look good together.

How to design a bridal lehenga from simple materials

Put them togather

Now the actual head-ache starts. If you know stitching your life is made! But if you are like me who, you shall have to find a real good masterji who can create the design you have in mind into an actual master-piece. It’s difficult but not impossible. Draw the sketch or show the pictures, be specific about each and every detail unless you are satisfied you have put across your creativity word by word, do not leave that place. (I know! LOL!)

DIY Manish Malhotra style Bridal Lehenga- Indian Fashion Blog

DIY – Lehenga for Wedding Season!

Voila! You get your own custom-made lehenga! My work is not over however, I will now style up my lehenga with proper accessories to make my perfect wedding outfit that is comfortable yet trendy.

Indian Fashion Blog- How to style up a wedding outfit

Styling up your outfit!

You might be wondering about the pattern I selected, so lemme throw some light on that. I choose this jacket style lehenga taking an inspiration from Manish Malhotra’s Collection showcased for Spring Summer 2014, the Jacket Lehenga has been trending a lot these days and I couldn’t resist myself to get one. I wanted something that was flowy gown like structured with a rich softness to it, so I skipped the brocade bottom and went with this  net floral ghagra with pink undertones.

How to design a bridal lehenga at home - wedding tips 2014

DIY – Jacket Lehenga

Bandha-gala is yet another style that I wanted to invest in and thus the jacket is really plain with a simple band-gala and a centre cut-out. As it turns out the potli buttons were not a part of my design, but the tailor goofed it up! ( hazards of DIY :p ) It looked good so I decided to keep them.

India Fashion Blog- DIY Bridal Indian Lehenga Manish Malhotra Collection

Back of the Jacket

That is the look from back and I am quite delighted with the out-come. I have already decided using this jacket from the outfit in other multiple ways..;)

Indian Fashion Blog- DIY -Restyle new Bridal Lehenga

Bridal Jacket Lehenga

This is the picture from the Couzin wedding that I attended. I had to keep running up and down and not having a duppata to manage was a sheer relief!

Bridal Lehenga Desinger Manish Malhotra creation replica DIY restyle

Design It Yourself Lehenga!

And that one’s a sneak peak from the OOTD post that is coming up soon! 😉 So Girls, What you waiting for?? Start DIYing your own Outfit’s this Wedding season! Be creative, Stay Happy!

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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