Indian Beauty Blog: All Good Scents Perfume Reviews – Love & JOY and Evoke!

Indian Beauty Blog: All Good Scents Perfume Reviews – Love & JOY and Evoke!

All Good Scents Premium Range EDP Love & Joy and Evoke Reviews

“A Women’s perfume tell more about her than her handwriting – Christian Dior!” I totally agree to this, more so I feel it’s our moods that are reflected in the perfumes we select and vice-a-verse. Women have numerous moods, Sometimes we are flirty, sometimes we are nice, sometimes we are mysterious, sometimes we feel sexy ;). It may take a man a life-time to understand a Women, only if Men would be smart enough to know Women through smell! (sigh!)

Indian Fashion & Beauty Blog - All good scents perfume EDP Review

All Good Scents Perfumes!

I am a total sucker for good perfumes and exotic scents, I would usually pick smell that identifies my personality that time. I love floral & natural scents they prep up my mood, also the musk & sandalwood as they soothe me! Scents have a huge impact on my mood and thus I love wearing perfumes. As they say, “I am never completely dressed without a perfume”. Today I would be reviewing All Good Scents EDP from their premium range for Women “The Venus in You” (how chic!!) called ‘Love & Joy’ and ‘Evoke’!

About the Company: 

People at All Good Scents believe that Perfume is like Music, “Much like musical notes make up a song fragrance notes are necessary to make a perfume. Overall, there are three note scales that when blended together create the perfume’s fragrant accord. All Good Scents has based its LOGO on this pertinent allegory of the perfume world- The Perfume Pyramid.”

As per the brand, the top notes are those that comprise the initial whiff or first few seconds after the application of perfume, they are basically the first striking smell that one identifies after application, majority of them being citrus or fruity. The Heart-notes are the notes that form the heart of perfume, they appear when the top notes evaporate mostly a combination of floral or fruity notes. While the base notes are the ones that stays till end, mostly fragrances such as sandalwood, musk, vanilla, cedar wood which lingers on body for hours after the top notes and heart notes have dissipated.

Love & Joy for the Free Spirit – Experience & Review

All good scents love & Joy perfume review - Indian fashion & Beauty blog

Love & Joy Perfume Review!

Top Notes: Freesia, Peony, Litchi
Heart Notes: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia
Base Note: White Musk, Amber, Powdery Notes.
Price: Rs. 750/- for 30 ml & Rs. 1500/- for 75 ml. 
Packaging: Ombre Yellow Bottle with a transparent squarish cap packed in Bright yellow cover with butterflies on it! <3
Beauty blog India- Love & Joy Perfume Review

Love & Joy – All Good Scents

My Experience:
The very first smell among the top notes that I could detect was a soothing mixture of Peony & Litchi fading away to give a whiff of floral heart notes a heady combination of rose & magnolia. I am a sucker for rose and took to this perfume without a bat of an eye-lid. The best part about this particular perfume is that it has two of my favorite fragrances Rose & White Musk as a part of it’s heart & Base notes. The scent is exotic, pleasant & ideal for regular wear. As it’s name suggest the smell is really feminine & happy one at that! If sweet smelling & girly is your forte, then this floral fruity perfume is just for you! Did I tell you the perfume stayed for almost 8+ hours on me, the longest any perfume has every stayed excepting a few of-course!
Love & Joy perfume review - Indian Beauty Blog

Love & Joy Perfume Experience!

Rating: I would rate this one 4.7/ 5.

Evoke for the femme fatale – Experience & Review

Indian Beauty Blog- All Good Scents Evoke Perfume Review

Evoke Perfume Reviews

Top Notes: Black-current, Green Notes, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lilly of the Valley, White Flower
Base Note: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Tonka Beans
Price: Rs. 1200/- for 50 ml. 
Packaging: Elegant Packing with a sleek square bottle with cinched center & a chrome gold square cap.
Indian Beauty Blog - All Good Scents Evoke EDP Perfume Reviews

Evoke EDP for Women

My Experience: The very first whiff was of Black-current which immediately transcended me to sensual world. No sooner did the heart notes of lilly & jasmine soothed my senses. Evoke in its literal sense evokes you from your routine slumber and sends you to some mystery place. It is sensuous and elegant at the same time. The fragrance is very sweet and soothing, ideal for an evening wear, date night or lovely dinner with your partner.  The Vanilla & Sandalwood (more of vanilla though)from the base notes that lingers on my skin long after application leaves my feeling loved. I am awed with the staying power of All Good Scents perfume range, this one stayed for as long as 10 hours and that’s pretty great.

Indian Beauty Blog- All Good Scents Perfume Evoke Reviews

All Good Scents- Evoke Review

Rating: I would rate this one 4.5/ 5.


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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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