How I Got rid of in-grown hair – Iraya Body Scrub review

How I Got rid of in-grown hair – Iraya Body Scrub review

Iraya Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower Gel Review

I have always been bothered of those tiny  black bumps on my legs after Waxing. Many of us have been there, unless you use a laser treatment or electrolysis for hair removal, hair in-growth is always an issue to be dealt with by one and all. In-grown hair are those small follicles get covered under the skin to become  a bump due to dead skin cells. The only way one can reduce these in-grown hair is to regularly exfoliate your skin, specifically those areas prone to get in-growth. I knew these facts but I never took pains to actually go out and buy a body scrub for myself. I usually ended up using face scrub which did not prove to be that effective.

Iraya wellness body regime review

Iraya beauty regime!

Recently though I was gifted an Iraya Diwali hamper by a friend and I started using the products. This was the first time I tried Iraya products and here I present my honest review about them. Not only did I love almost all the products but also I found my rescue from in-grown hair with Iraya Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower Gel!

Iraya wellness orange scrubbing gell beauty review

Iraya Wellness orange scrubbing body gel

The body scrubbing gel is a gentle exfoliating scrub with minute granules formed of walnut shell powder and orange peel powder. The gel contains extracts of orange and arjuna tree bark.

Iraya Body Scrub Review Fashionmate beauty blogger

Iraya Body Scrub

The scrub smells of orange and just as it is with all of Iraya products the fragrance is mesmerizing. I could say that is the tipping point for Iraya products, while all other herbal products are equally natural and hand-made, Iraya uses an array of fragrance to target your senses.

Get rid of In-grown hair with Iraya Orange Body scrub review

Iraya Orange Body Scrub

If you guys have been using Iraya products, you would know that it is 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free, which is totally great for me.

Iraya wellness body scrub gel review fashionmate

Iraya Body Scrub for In-grown hair

Contents: Orange Peel, Terminalia Arjuna, Sandalwood, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Walnut Shell Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Coco-butane Cellulose gum, Cytric acid, Orange extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Phenoxyehtanol

Quantity – 250 ml

Price – 395/- inr

Packaging: Lovely travel friendly bottle similar to shampoo & shower gel bottles. Best part is it’s transparent.

These are the contents of the Scrubbing Shower gel. Talking of Shower Gels I have earlier used Palmolive Shower Gel which is basically a fresh smelling lathering gel, I could not have thought of a shower gel that would act as a scrubber as well. But this particular product is really good at what it says.

My experience with Iraya Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower Gel

When I told you guys that I got rid of my in-grown hair with this product, I was not kidding. I actually did see a spectacular change in those red bumps on my calf’s ( I have them more prominent there ;)) I have been using this scrubbing shower gel since more than a month now and I have seen that the number of in-grown follicles as compared to my previous waxing expedience have reduced this time.

Iraya orange scrubbing shower gel review by fashionmate

Iraya Orange Scrubbing Gel

The texture is really gritty and the particles are more coarser than the face-scrub’s but they are really minute. The fragrance is very subtle yet lovely ,of orange and sandalwood. The scrub does not lather much but yet it is effective at cleansing.

Iraya Stimulating orange scrubbing shower gel

The Scrubbing Body shower gel

Pros: My skin felt smooth after the scrub. After continuous application, I could see many of my closed follicles open up, I could actually see tiny curled hair all over the calf region of my leg! ( I know it sounds yuk right?? but it actually means good!) which means, the next time I go for Waxing this hair will be removed and there will be no more in-grown hair in that particular region. This is the result of exfoliation of dead skin cells which helps the skin to breathe better. However, one has to make sure that after undergoing the said skin exfoliation, one should apply  moisturizer in generous amount especially in this Winters.

Cons: Well as I told you earlier the scrub can be a little drying out your skin types, if you do not apply moisturizer regularly. Moreover there is nothing much wrong about the product itself but I think the price is little too steep. It comes to almost 400/- inr for a bottle of body scrub. I am not sure how many would think it’s worth that. I however would surely buy my next bottle once this one finishes.

Rating: 4.5/5

So that’s about it! Hope you liked the review.. Do share your views in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: The product is bought and not a sample. All reviews are honest based on experience.



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