Oriflame Stylo Eyeliner in Black Review & Swatches!

Oriflame Stylo Eyeliner in Black Review & Swatches!

Hello Fashionmate Readers,

Today I am reviewing Oriflame Stylo Eyeliner in Black, the one that I have been using since quite a long time now! As I have already told you peeps, m very skeptical about liners. I do not have a steady hand and I always prefer liners which do not require much concentration and accuracy to apply! ūüėČ Thus few years back when I had to collect make-up for my bridal Trousseau, Oriflame Stylo eye-liner was my go to! And since then this eye-liner has been one of the essential part of my make-up regime. So here is my honest review about the Stylo eye-liner!

Fashion-mate review of Oriflame Stylo Eye-liner Black

oriflame stylo liner online review and swatches fashion beauty blogger

Oriflame Stylo eye-liner in Black

Oriflame Stylo Eyeliner Boasts of:

1. Quick dry, Smudge free & smooth application

2. Long lasting black colour with high precision

3. Easy to use soft felt tip applicator that does not drag

4. Suitable for contact lens wearer.

Details about Oriflame Stylo Eye-liner:

Oriflame Black Eye-liner Stylo: 429 INR

Quantity: 1.6 ml

Packaging & features: The oriflame stylo eye-liner comes in a sketch pen style sturdy plastic packaging with a felt tip applicator. It is super easy to use and very handy to carry. Only one did I face a problem of leakage that too after quite a long time. The best thing is the cap does not come off easily and I faced leakage while the liner was half-open by mistake. Otherwise its is quite user friendly and comes easily in the smallest of my clutches.

Density/ Pigmentation: The pigmentation is good enough and gives a real dark black on two swipes.

Oriflame stylo eyeliner in black review fashionmate beauty blogger

Oriflame stylo eyeliner -black packaging!

My Experience with Oriflame Stylo Eye-liner:

To tell you the fact, I have a very unsteady hand and I am not at all a patient person. I mostly get ready in two minutes which includes swiping a coat of lipstick, liner & mascara and dabbing up my compact powder! (Yes, I am very lazy that way, always running out of time :P) So when it comes to gel-liners or liquid liners I am skeptical to try them, just because they require time and precision. However, this stylo eye-liner by Oriflame has been proved as a boon for people like me and I have not parted ways with it, since the time I found out about it way back in 2010. Whoah!!! I have been using this liner since 4 years now! (Not the same one obviously! :P) The best thing about this liner is that it is pretty easy to apply, It just feels like I am using a sketch pen to draw a line, the only different being its on my eye-lids and the application is pretty smoother than the sketch pen. Very much like every other products however, Oriflame Stylo Liner also has it’s Pro’s & Con’s. So below I have listed a few Con’s of it!

Oriflame stylo eyeliner in black swatches beauty  blogger reviews

Oriflame Eyeliner Swatches


1) Super packaging, Easy to Use, Easy to carry.

2) Smooth application, One time swap is enough to get a defined line.

3) Does not spread or smudge easily. But does come off if you rub it.

4) Stays for long if not rubbed.

5) Does not get thick and dry after long usage.

5) Pocket friendly


1) Comes off/ Blurs away if rubbed

2) Does not give you a dark jet black colour if you are a fan of that!

3) Unlike other liner’s it does not get thick after long usage but the colour fades away and might leave you with a half baked look if used during that period.

Oriflame stylo eye-liner review

Oriflame Stylo Eye-liner Review

No doubt, the liner has it’s Con’s but I still would recommend this liner, not because I am an Oriflame product fan or something, but because I have been using this one since a long time now.

Oriflame stylo eyeliner black review and swatches beauty blogger

Oriflame Stylo eye-liner review

P.S: Recently I have found a new felt-tip liner online and I am coming up with it’s review super soon!

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  1. Priya Saxena

    I’m a very big fan of Oriflame and use lots of their cosmetics & they never failed for me & proved worth paying the price. But I’ve not tried this product yet & was looking for a good eye liner. Great review, after reading this i will surely get one for me asap.

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