Gujarat Diaries: Navratri Outfit-2 Style your Ghagras!

Gujarat Diaries: Navratri Outfit-2 Style your Ghagras!

OOTD Navratri Fashion trends Outfit 2- Make-up & Hairstyle for Garba Fashion 2014

Navratri is in full fervor everywhere. But Gujarat seems to thrive this nine days solely on garba nights. The vibrant colours, ethnic attire and toe-tapping music. I find my days get shorter there and the night are literally vanishing past me. This was my second day at Garba and I was totally down with fever 🙁 But I could not miss garba for anything and thus I got up, got dressed and showed up 😉 If you guys have not yet checked out my OOTD Day-1 at Garba! You better do! 😛

Indian Fashion Blog- Navratri ootd ghagra choli day 2 fashion trends 2014

Outfit of the Day 2 – Navratri Ghagra choli

Day-2 I wanted to get a little more ethnic and quirky at the same time. I choose a gamthi work choli ( handwork embroidery choli) famous for navratras which I bought from Baroda itself, to wear with a saree ofcourse!! I paired it up with my mustard Ghagra ( part of my sharara from my growing years! Don’t even remember now! before 2000 that is!) Yes my mom has closet full of such clothes which are a sort of going down the memory lane. You can find a 20 years old dress in her closet as well. She stores and preserves fashion 😛

ootd Navratri fashion trends style ghagras 2014

Navratri outfit of the day 2

This time around I played up with hair-style, I wanted something simple so I tied my hair in a braid on one side to keep them in-tact while dancing. I didn’t want to end up looking like a ghost with loose hair flying after a few rounds of garba. I also tried a messy bun with the braid but it did not work out that well, so I kept just the side braid. My layer cut hairs had so many fly-aways that the braided bun could hardly hold. Moreover I was at Mom’s place and I did not have my hair accessories and U-pins to keep them together, so I opted for the side braid, Which was way neater.

Navratri garba hairstyle trends fashion 2014

Navratri ootd – Hairstyle trends- Side braid





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