Traditional or Funky, what’s your pick this festive season?

Traditional or Funky, what’s your pick this festive season?

Authentic traditional’s or funky ethnics what would you rather wear during the Diwali festivities this year?

Festive season is round the corner and these days I am totally busy decking up my home, kitchen, snack stock and Wardrobe! Not particularly in that order 😉 Festive season calls for major shopping!! And some people actually love to stock up on their ethnic collection for various occasions. This year Indian fashion scene has shown us some ground-breaking trends in Ethnics ranging from the traditional age-old handi-crafts that have been revived to suit the contemporary Women to the bold, funky, colourfull, twisted & tweaked version of Indo-western ethnics that have been soaring the temperatures these days!

Trendy funky traditional for festive season 2014

Trendy Traditional’s for Festive season!

What is your pick?? Would you like to opt for authentic ethnic prints and hand-crafts this festive season, or would you like to rather spruce up your traditional wardrobe by adding in some funk & punk to it? Well I like my ethnics trendy most of the time, however I can not stop gushing over the mirror work and hand-crafted embroidery that is catching vogue this festive season. One brand that I came across recently offers both these Trendy and ethnic outfits to their customers and it is Paisley!! Paisley offers a contemporary fashion look-book to the modern women encompassing various flattering cuts of contemporary style fused with intricate hand embroidery. The brand boasts of designs that are unique, colours thoughtful and every single piece custom made to suit the client palate.

ethnic fashion for diwali festival 2014

Ethnics at Paisley Showroom

I love the fact about their collection that no two pieces are same. Girls totally dig this!! Afterall no one would like to run into someone wearing exactly the same dress as them!! ( We are not Samantha and Miley Cyrus to take it elegantly! :P) Also they have many semi-stitched and un-stitched options for Women like me who would want to customize their outfit’s. I am a bit paranoid when it comes to fitting and thus I normally prefer un-stitched designer dresses as compared to the ready made ones. I also like making them custom-made so as to avoid the common patterns that are readily available in the market.

Traditional hand-crafted salwar kameez for festive season 2014

Tribal printed hand-crafted dress material

This lovely tribal printed vibrant salwar kameez readily fits in my category of fun and funky prints. The hand-crafted embroidery on the neck and the traditional print in the duppata brings out the old world charm in this outfit.

Stylish Pink Pakistani style ethnic anarkali for diwali festival 2014

Stylish Pink outfit by Paisley

This bright pink long top- with Pallazzo pants, also commonly called as Pakistani style outfit brings together two different worlds, i.e traditional and contemporary, to suit the tastes of today’s women. The Pallazzo from this outfit can also be used as is with another western top to create a two way look from a single outfit. This is one great investment you can make this season!

So have you decided by now, what style would you be opting this Diwali?? Traditionals or Funky Contemporaries..??? Nomatter Whatever you choose, please make sure you drink lots of water, stay away from too much sweets and Keep Smiling…!

Till then,,, xoxo!

P.S: I am coming up with the look book for festive season with festive season outfit of the day for the whole week! Stay tuned!

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