Festive season Make-up! How to add some bling to your festive outfits!

Festive season Make-up! How to add some bling to your festive outfits!

Make-up Tutorial for festivities! – How I added Bling to my Festive outfit!

Whoaa!! Diwali is just a week away and my house is literally bustling with festivities these days! While you are already contemplating what to wear during the festive season you can refer to our festive outfit of the day posts for some style tips! Meanwhile if you are wondering how would you go with the make-up for the festive season! Here is something that might be helpful to all you gals out there!

festive diwali make-up tutorial make-up trends 2014

Festive Make-up for Day!

I have a dusky skin complexion and I normally prefer eye-makeup colours that suit my skin as well as that go with various outfits. I generally stick to the basic gold and silver as I somehow am not that comfortable trying out different eye-shadows. I am big on eye-liners, I love them!! i mostly use the black ones, however I love trying with different colours! Lipstick is my bare essentials! I do not move out of my house without a lip-balm, lip tint or a lipstick. I take my pocket friendly ones everywhere I go! ūüėČ Blush is something I use only rarely, that too the powder ones. I have got a combination skin and the cream blush do not suit me much. Primer, Concealer cum foundation & Compact powder (in that order) of a shade that matches your skin tone is must if you want the make-up to stay. I have used Beauty Benefit Cream and Concealer as I was rushing to an event. (lame? I know!!)

Diwali festive eye-makeup tutuorial - makeup tips 2014

Eyeliner- essential for make-up

Firstly, I do not have those lovely almond shaped eyes! (*sigh*) so there is hardly any area for me to experiment on my eye-lids, however I do love to give them a glam look once in a while, thus I prefer the glitter shadows that enhance the depth of my eyes and make them look bigger! I have used Street-wear luminous snow-gold 51, these are frosted gold and frosted silver shade. I have used gold on my eyelid ( the area above from my eyelashes to the crease ie. the dip between the upper eye- brow bone and eyelid) which mostly covers the center portion.  I prefer using my second finger tip for applying the colour. You may use the brush but make sure you dab the excess powder off it before applying.

Tip: Always start applying the colour from the middle of the eyelids and spread it evenly to the sides for the smooth look.

Festive eymakeup tutorial for Diwali festival

Eyeliner & Mascara to finish your look!

I completed my look with a slightly winged eyeliner – Chambor Eye Definer Black (review coming up) & Lakme Eye-conic Curling mascara in Black! I have not pre-curled my lashes with a curler and just applied a single dash of mascara as I like it that way! ūüėČ ¬†For those who want voluminous¬†lashes, can use an eye-lash curler, readily available in the market as well as online and use two swaps of mascara over it to add a little drama to your eyes.

Red lipstick maybeline for diwali festival makeup- festive makeup tutorial 2014

Red Lipstick – Maybeline

I love to use bold and bright colours on my lips all the time. It is mostly red, Hot pink or Plum for me. For an even application always line your lips with a lip liner of colour similar to your lipstick and then fill in with the lipstick. I have highly pigmented lips and thus the dark colours manages to hide them .

hot pink lipstick for diwali festival makeup tutorial fashion trends 2014

Hot Pink Lipstick -Oriflame

Dabbing a hint of powder blush in Dessert Rose through a broad blush brush & I am ready to go visit my friends and family!!

Diwali festive make-up tutorial- festive makeup tips 2014

Diwali Festive Look!

Voila!!! That is my simple yet glam look for festive season 2014! Do show us your love in comments below if you like the look & All your awesome suggestions are welcome!!

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