Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat Collection from Zohraa – Saree for the Modern Women

Elegance, Gracious, Coy, these are probably the adjectives that best describe Sarees, one of the most popular type of Indian clothing. With the evolution of Indian fashion industry, the traditional wear has come a long way in terms of design, pattern, colours and style. Today, the designer Indian sarees are not just popular across the length and breadth of India but also are gaining wide popularity around the globe. Women wearing Indian sarees at the Red Carpet events have become a common sight nowadays. The best thing about this humble yet fascinating piece of garment is that women of all age group look effortlessly gorgeous in it.

Today, the designer sarees are designed and crafted to perfection to make every women look stunning especially on special occasions like wedding or any other social gathering. The availability and easy accessibility to wide range of designer labels like the Zohraa has made the women more willing to experiment with their fashion sensibilities. The Bollywood too has played its part in influencing the changing fashion trends, the modern Indian woman take inspiration from their favorite actresses and like to emulate their dressing sense. Keeping in line with the Bollywood releases, Zohraa recently bought out the exclusive Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat collection.

pink saree from sonam kapoor khoobsurat collection

Sonam kapoor collection

This special catalogue features a plethora of trendy sarees in different colour hues that features intricate design works on the pallu and the border. The sarees from this collection would undoubtedly empower the woman the woman to outshine everyone in terms of looks, class and elegance. The current generation of Indian designers are far more creative and experimental in their approach and don’t shy away from creating sarees that allows women to make a style statement anywhere they go.

The fashion labels today are willing to go that extra yard ahead to design sarees that make both Indian woman as well as ardent saree lovers from abroad look ravishing. The labels emphasize a lot on creating unique designs for their every piece so that it reflects their individuality. Also, the modern designers draw inspiration from the day-to-day arbitrary activities. Long gone are the days when the designers hand knitted sarees and then gradually implemented designs as the knitting was completed. Today, the designers spend a lot of time conceptualizing the final output and with the help of technology transform their idea from sketching board to creating a virtual output. A significant change noticed in the making of designer sarees is that it is custom designed to perfectly suit the body type of the individuals. This not only gives the wearer maximum comfort but also bring out their curves in the most evident way.

No matter, if you are a teenager, middle aged woman or an old aged person, designer saree can a perfect choice of dress to make a fashion statement. The Indian designers specializing in designing sarees create sarees for a wide range of occasions like wedding, formal business events, casual evening parties and family get together. With the advent of the e-commerce stores the designer sarees are readily available for all buyers.

Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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