Maybeline ColourSensational Lipstick “Fatal Red” – Review and Swatches

Maybeline ColourSensational Lipstick “Fatal Red” – Review and Swatches

Maybeline ColourSensational Lipstick “Fatal Red” 530  – Review and Swatches

A pop of Red is all it takes for me to turn from Damsel in distress to Divalicious Me!! I have not yet met a single girl who would say she doesn’t love Red color (I mean who doesn’t love Red???) This is one color that I swear by and thus since the time I found out this Maybeline Coloursensational lipstick shade “Fatal Red” it has been my go to shade for my lippy. Coming to think of it, I have hardly many options in lip color. My skin being the dusky Indian shade, I always try steering clear of the darker lip shades like brown, chocolate, coffee, etc (There was a period I used to wear such colors thinking they seem more MLBB, but not anymore!) Now I am all about choosing colors that enhance my skin tone and make me feel more bright and preppy and my Maybeline “Fatal Red” does just that!

maybeline coloursensational fatal red lipstick review fashionmate

Maybeline Coloursensational lip color review

Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick Price:350 INR

Quantity: 4 gms

Packaging: The Maybeline coloursensational comes with a cute color coded packing and I love the translucent red plastic and steel packing which is quite travel friendly and comes easily in all my clutches (even the tiniest ones! ) And the best part is that the cap does not come off easily.

maybeline fatal red lipstick review and swatch

Maybeline Fatal Red 530 Review

Shade: The shade is a bright not-in-your-face red color which has a very little undertone of pink in it. (reminds me of my red crayons!)

Maybeline fatal red lipstick swatches online review

Maybeline Colorsensational Fatal Red Swatches

Texture: The texture is soft and smooth, it is a moisturizing lip stick which gives a little glossy look to the lips. (It’s not the mate red you are expecting)

maybeline colorsensational fatal red lipstick make up tips

Maybeline “Fatal Red” Lipstick


 The pigmentation is pretty good, it gives good enough colour in single swipe. In the topmost picture I have used just one swipe. In two swipes it gives me rich color covering my pigmented lips.

Maybeline Fatal Red colorsensational lipstick review and beauty tips

Maybeline Fatal Red Lipstick review

My Experience with Maybeline Fatal Red Lip Colour:

To be frank, my lips are very pigmented and dry. Also I do have pigmented skin (don’t ask me why, my commuting has done that to me >_<) So I always use colors that hide my natural lip color and this lippy does just that. I gives a radiant boost to my pale skin and wheatish complexion. Also I have a habit of eating away my lipstick! No seriously!! After an hour or so of applying any lipstick one would notice a drastic reduction in the intensity of my lip color!! ( I have not yet been able to make-out where does that lip color go?? 🙂 ) But this lipstick was different! 4 hours since application and it was still there! with the same intensity as when applied. Well, that’s a brownie point from my side. The biggest +1 is that this lippy is totally pocket friendly and thus I have been using it constantly without worrying about my pocket!!

Fashionmate maybeline fatal red coloursensation lipstick review and swatch best lip colour in red

Maybeline fatal red lipstick review, swatches


1) Lovely Red color that can be worn with Western and Indian outfits. Super work and party wear.

2) Perfect lipstick for pigmented lips

3) Does not spread, smudge or smear during application. In fact, you might not require a lip liner for this one!

4) Superb pigmentation

5) Pocket friendly

6) Stays for more than 4 hours (for me and that is totally great!! )

7) Cute & Travel friendly cover packaging.

8) I know it’s weird when I say this, but it has a lovely fragrance.


1) The ingredients are not mentioned on the cover.

2) Does not have specific color-code, hence if you have two such lipsticks you can not identify different shades from the cover.

3) It has a tendency to dry off after few hours if applied for single coat.

4) If applied along with lip balm, it smears. (So beware, use it directly on your lips as it is moisturizing in itself.)

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