Finding Fanny first song launched! Deepika in Forever21

Finding Fanny first song launched! Deepika in Forever21

Finding Fanny First song launch and Trailer Spoof!

Finding Fanny is one crazy Movie to look forward to & looking at the first song released “Fanny Re”, I think this one is going to make us all laugh to our wits! Those of you who have watched the trailer of Finding Fanny, would agree with me, like totally right now, that Deepika looks Hot! Period! And Arjun Kapoor is doing his best to take Ranveer Singh off the charts from “Most Desirable” tag!

Deepika padukone in forever21 at song launch of finding fanny

Deepika in Forever21 at the song launch

Deepika padukone chose a floral forever21 dress to portray a Goan Girl for the launch of the first song of Finding fanny called “Fanny Re”. She paired it with delicate chain pendents, Nude flats and a messy ponytail! Love the look!

deepika-padukone-arjun kapoor finding fanny song launch

Deepika and Arjun’s instant gig!

Arjun Kapoor was like always at his best in his rugged avatar and a checkered shirt over black Tee look! Both Arjun and Deepika had a blast on stage, where they posed with various funny faces and also broke into instant gig dancing to the tunes of “Oh Fanny Re”!

The first song of the Movie is a funny take which has been choreographed by Shaimak Dawar. Reportedly Dawar has said that, he was smitten by the frenzied prosthetic bum shaking by Dimple and Deepika’s groovy moves. The song is peppy and shows all the cast dancing at their own free will mouthing the song lyrics!  In case you have missed out on the first song, take a look here!

PS: If this is not funny enough for you, I have just found out a scoop on the movie trailer of “Finding Fanny” by BeingIndian people and just could not stop myself from sharing it with you people!!

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