3 things to look out for in the Khoobsurat Trailer – Sonam Kapoor movie

3 things to look out for in the Khoobsurat Trailer – Sonam Kapoor movie

Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat Official Trailer is out and how!

Since  a long time now, I was waiting for this one movie trailer to be launched, Sonam Kapoor’s remake of “Khoobsurat” originally executed flawlessly by Bollywood Diva Rekha. Not that I am a fan of remakes, but casting the fashionista & bubbly Sonam for the iconic role of “Manju” (P.S Rekha’s character Manju has been retained in the Movie as the Mother of SonamKapoor but is being played by Kirron Kher, since Rekha turned it down!! hmmm…)

Okey so the Trailer is out and everyone is raving about the newbie Fawad Khan, what’s new about it?? Well.. I have come up with 3 different things that I loved about the trailer and hopefully the Movie will do justice to the same.

Fawad Khan Sonam Kapoor Khoobsurat official trailer

Fawad Khan & Sonam Kapoor

1. Sonam’s Style & Resemblance to Princess Diaries:

After the past few plain-jane characters of Sonam from BMB & dehli6. Sonam is back to her fashionista avatar that she does best justice to. Sonam kapoor is spotted wearing some fun, funky, quirky printed tops, florals, coloured blazers with pink as her dominant color. This bubbly girl “Mrinalini'” is sure going to rub-off on you pretty girls. The second thing to look out for is the stark resemblance of the story line to Princess Diaries. Also Sonam’s potrayal of Clumsy, funny girl reminded me of Kajol from K3G movie.

2. The Disney princess resemblance

Sonam Kapoor is a true princess in real life, so when she opted to step into the shoes of this chirpy, plain Jane who is totally a mis-fit in a Royal Clan, It was surprising a little. However looking at the trailer it seems she does the job well. The complete resemblance of some snow-white or Cinderella princess. The Disney movie like characters and music is the first thing that registered into my girly mind. I hope all you girl’s will agree. And however clique it may sound I am unabashed to admit that I am a fan of disney movies and will always be!! 😛 The fact that the movie is produced by Walt Disney Pictures add’s cherry to the Cake!! (yumm!)

3.  Ratna Pathak

That says it all. I do not think any other actor could do justice to the primp and poised Royal than our very own Mrs. Sarabhai. The character portrays a Head-honcho of a Royal family (read Julie Andrews from Princess Diaries) better than this oasis of spontaneity, class and elegance. The very resemblance of her character to the popular sitcom’s is enough to create the nostalgia. I am expecting some great sarcastic & witty dialogues from her.

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