Khoobsurat Movie – The Royal Misfit’s amazing posters!

Khoobsurat Movie – The Royal Misfit’s amazing posters!

Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan look stunning together in Khoobsurat Movie Posters

Touted as India’s first fairy tale Movie, the trailer of Khoobsurat by Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan has been applauded by many on Social Media. The best thing I have loved about the upcoming movie promotions till now are the fun, quirky and colorful posters of the Movie with the tag line “The Royal Mis-fit” It is so cliché yet so fairy-tale style that I couldn’t stop myself from gushing about it.

So here are some of the posters of the coveted movie for you all to see. Source of all of them is Twitter.

Khoobsurat movie poster Sonam kapoor Fawad Khan Movie

Khoobsurat Poster 1

The first poster of the movie shows Sonam in a gen-next avatar wearing a crop top, Checkered pants and clicking a selfie!! A typical Indian fairy-tale with a digital twist!!

Khoobsurat movie poster Sonam Kapoor and Fawad khan

Khoobsurat poster 2

The next poster of Khoobsurat shows sonam in a bohemian desi avatar with aztec prints and vibrant colours and those reflective aviators. I quite like the bubbly look it.

Khoobsurat poster Sonam Kapoor Fawad Khan

Khoobsurat poster 3

We are loving the chemistry between bubbly Sonam Kapoor and arrogant Fawad Khan aka Mrinalini and Vikram!

Sonam Kapoor Khoobsurat posters fawad khan

The Royal Hug

I love those stacked bracelet and who would not love pink?? This poster has been touted as “The Royal Hug poster”.

Khoobsurat Moive Posters Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan

The Royal Selfie

So the #selfietrend has found it’s way from Movie promotions to Movie posters now and we are totally loving this #misfit selfie of Sonam Kapoor. PS: That biker Jacket!! #love

Sonam Kapoor Fawad Khan cute couple khoobsurat

Sonam Kapoor with Fawad Khan in Khoobsurat

That is the desi version of our #princessdiaries Anne Hathaway with all her Quirkiness in place!

khubsurat Sonam kapoor and Fawad Khan in khoobsurat movie

Khoobsurat movie poster – cute sonam and Hottie Fawad!

Who would not fall for that charming “I dont give a dam” look of Fawad Khan? Now you know why India is screaming Fawad all the way!!

Khubsurat Sonam Kapoor and Charming Fawad Khan take a ride in royal car for Khoobsurat Movie

The Royal Drive

And the Royal Couple takes a Royal ride! The latest addition to the Khoobsurat pictures is this on-set picture of Khoobsurat Sonam with Hottie Fawad Khan! (There I said it!)

And for all you lovelies out there, we have specially dished out this cute Video where Fawad read fan mails, while Sonam embarrasses him and makes him blush all along! lol

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