An Exclusive Interview with Artisan Atelier Jewellery Couturier Mrinalini Chandra!

An Exclusive Interview with Artisan Atelier Jewellery Couturier Mrinalini Chandra!

Coveted Jewelery Designer & Artisan Atelier Mrinalini Chandra say’s LFW Winter Festive 2014 will show-case Romantic Fantasy & enchanting story-telling!

I am still in awe with those amazing chandelier earrings and chair neck-piece couture’s named “have a seat” showcased at Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 by artisan atelier Mrinalini Chandra by the name . Aren’t we all? I mean how can you miss such creative and exquisite artifacts?? That collection made everyone sit up and notice this pretty designer and by everyone I mean even those who do not have much idea about art or fashion. You do not require skills to appreciate sheer aesthetic beauty. Thus when this designer with vast experience in fashion capital of Milan came up with this mind-blowing collection, we could not stop ourselves from having a one-on-one conversation with her! (This was long pending and I am sure she is amazing enough to forgive me for that! ;P )

jewelry designer mrinalini chandra at lfw 2014

Jewellery Couturier Mrinalini Chandra

In conversation with the girl who made chair’s wearable, Artisan Atelier Jewellery Couturier Mrinalini Chandra!

FM: From a Fashion Capital like Milan to a traditional yet developing India. Will you tell us about your journey so far and your fashion background?

Mrinalini: Education abroad gave me the exposure & experience required to create a wholesome competitive label wherein we make jewellery which is traditionally crafted.

FM: Why Jewellery designing? What inspired you to become a Jewellery designer?

Mrinalini: Like any other girl, I have always had a deep association with Jewellery. It was the eventual know how of  beautiful gemstones and intricate craft techniques that I developed  perhaps led to eventually pursuing the field as a career. The delicate nature of jewellery and its profound relationship with the wearer drew me to explore this particular art form. 

FM: You have worked on both Indian and International platforms, share with us your experiences with both.

Mrinalini: NIFT Delhi gave me the education and ambition to realise my passion of jewellery craft. My education at Milan gave me the exposure and experience that now makes my label what it is today in terms of aesthetics and approach. I am very grateful to my Education. It is that formulated my entire brand ideology. My brand stands for everything I believe in, small things that bring cheer and joy to your day.


Mrinalini Chandra Couture

FM: Tell us, what all goes into constructing a single piece of Jewellery?

Mrinalini: The Evolution from sketch to the merchandise actually gives birth to new ideas. The process of making jewellery is extensive and full of learning. Falling in love with every concept and living it throughout the process, brings out the best in every piece and that is what makes each & every piece of art different yet special & interesting.

FM: Who is your favourite designer in Industry?

Mrinalini: Anamika Khanna – She’s the Goddess of couture.

mrinalini-chandra LFW Spring Summer 2014 collection

“Have a Seat” collection by Mrinalini Chandra at LFW SS 2014

FM: Your latest collection “Please Have a seat” at LFW has created quite a stir. We loved the geometric chair designs & chandelier earrings, ear-cuff, nose-rings and shoulder dusters. What inspired you to bring out such a varied collection?

Mrinalini:  Quirky is the mood for this collection! But there is More to what meets the eye. There is a deeper story beneath. We are trying to remind people to start living small joys, to relax and enjoy the moment. Please take some time out ,have a seat and enjoy life while running behind one goal after another.Its a play full collection of handcrafted couture statement jewellery.

The collection utilizes elements from a chair from the departed times of plenty as an object of art and inspiration. The times of singhasans and peacock thrones, of English rocking chairs and palkis carried by kings-men.

FM: What was your favourite piece amongst your last collection at LFW?

Mrinalini:  Kaleeras! It Happened after a lot of apprehension but turned out to be centre of attraction.

mrinalini-chandra- kaleeras jewelry couture lfw 2014

Kaleeras – Have a Seat Collection 2014

FM: Lot of Celebrities have been intrigued with and started sporting your last collection. Any personal favourites? Who would you love to style?

Mrinalini: Cinema has always had a huge impact on us and actors have been biggest social influencers. Its always delightful to see celebrities championing the label. Sonam Kapoor, Chitrangada Singh, Jaqueline Fernandes, Genelia D’souza,  Asin, Huma quereshi, Esha Gupta, Karishma Kapoor to name a few.  Its a dream to see Shahrukh Khan in our mens wear line coming soon! (Whoaa!! We are waiting for that!!)

I would like to style Kiran rao ,She is an intellectual person. She comes across as a very strong personality.

FM: LFW Winter Festive dates are out. What should we expect from your next collection?

Mrinalini:  It is to do with Romantic fantasy, enchanting story telling.

FM: What is Mrinalini’s personal Style Statement?

Mrinalini:  It is about comfort, yet statement-e. I like to go for things that suit my personality. I believe in living life to the fullest the reason my wardrobe is full of vibrant,colourful & dynamic & mismatched outfits. It is in between Bohemian & classy.


Mrinalini Chandra collection

FM: One piece of Jewellery you would never leave your house without?

Mrinalini: My nose ring. It was my first diamond and also a gift .

FM: Can you suggest few styling tips for our readers?

Mrinalini: Be experimental.

Try & wear what is good for you. Let your clothing compliment you & You compliment what you are wearing and that comes from comfort.

Don’t forget that smile.

FM: The readers of Fashionmate want to know, where can they buy your collection?


Atosa,Khar-Mumbai, Creo,Kemps Corner-Mumbai,

Rudraksh-Pune &

Soon at Ogaan-Delhi.

We retail online from &

FM: On a final note, any tips for aspiring fashion/Jewellery designers?

Mrinalini: Well laid education plays a really imp role. Education from a good institute.  Selecting the correct course matching to an individual’s area of interest. Eventually industry experience & Mentorship is what that is going to help the most.






Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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Hello! I am Hami Keshwani, Owner and Editor in Chief of this Blog! I have been blogging since 2011 and Fashionmate is my first baby. Know more about me in the about us page!

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