Rihanna’s Sheer gown at CDFA awards 2014. Hot or Vulgar?

Rihanna’s Sheer gown at CDFA awards 2014. Hot or Vulgar?

Rihanna’s risque gown at CDFA wins her Fashion Icon Award. Deserving or Inappropriate?

Rihanna’s most recent Sheer gown has created buzz in fashion industry about bold nudity and setting up trends of the pop culture. Touted as the most risque gown of year 2014 in the fashion Industry, it has instigated a debate about where to draw a line between provocative, sexy and nude!!

Rihanna in Sheer dress at CDFA- Hot or Vulgar

Rihanna’s sheer gown caused a stir

The Adam Selman gown that Rihanna chose to wear at CFDA Awards this week, made people go crazy on the fashion industry front. While there were some who thought it was really sexy and Rihanna looked Hot, there were others who found the gown edging on  nudity and too much exposé. The twitterati went ahead to declare the sheer gown as the most risqué red-carpet outfit of the year and tagged her as the best dressed celebrity. However there were fashion critics who showed a red-eye towards this notorious gown that exposed everything from B**bs to Butts, in fact it was also termed as T & A on display by a famous journo. Well our question here is what do you think about this gown??

Rihanna in sheer risque gown with her bbs on display

Rihanna in a risque gown at red carpet

The gown in question was a swarovski crystal embellished gown with hundreds of crystals detailing the sheer panel with a bare-back. Rihanna wore a similar head-band of the same material and paired it with golden pumps. The alarmingly risque gown failed to hide RiRi’s assets leaving nothing to imagination. The fact that the singer wore just a nude G-string undergarment which showed off underneath did not help much either. Overall she did look Hot!! But the question is, Is that dress appropriate for a red-carpet sighting? And would giving The best dressed Icon to the singer justify that outfit? Indian Designer Masaba Gupta twitted on her account, “I think this dress is more of a middle finger to the world with sequins on it. Rihanna !” I would personally consider that outfit bordering on Vulgur, not that I do not adore RiRi’s exceptional style. I would have loved had she kept it a little more subtle. Below are the references from other designers who were interviewed by DNA.

Hot or Not?

Fashion designer Nachiket Barve says, “There’s a fine line between provocation and shamelessness. The dress is not just inappropriate, it’s also pointless. The dress is so out there and nothing is left to the imagination.” Ami Patel, however is of the opinion that the dress looked great on RiRi, “She carried off the sheer gown and nobody else could have rocked it the way she did. Personally, I feel showing skin does not necessarily mean being fashion forward.” Another designer Nandita Mahtani, says she deserved the icon of the year award, however, the dress that was really beautiful required a slip or lining.  Designer Nimish Shah opined that the dress was too provocative and would send out wrong messages to the young fan following of the Star. These are the opinions of our Indian designers, however we would like to know what do you think?

Did she rock it?? or Was it too exposing?? Tell us your reviews in the comments below. We shall pick one best answer and feature it on our twitter page! 🙂

Stay happy 🙂

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