Newbie Adah Sharma’s Style Quotient- Fashion 2013

Adah Sharma is currently busy promoting her next flick “Hum Hain Rahi Car Ke” (Wierd Name??!!!). Anyways, so this new chic in town has been flaunting some great style of her own so much that we thought of doing a small rendezvous of her various fashion stints. 🙂

Adah Sharma dons florescent hues-fashion 2013

Adah Sharma dons florescent hues

We spotted her doing the Florescent twice, which makes us think she might be a fan of this hue after all. However we loved the quirky shorts with whiskers!! (don’t miss the power-puff girl pendent)

Adah sharma in a peach and black leather dress-fashion 2013

Adah Sharma- peach leather dress

She choose a peach leather dress with black lace at the press release of her movie. P.S – She repeated the Zebra print shoes here! We are not complaining though!

Adah Sharma is the New fashionista

Adah Sharma- new fashionista

Adah Sharma flaunts floral dress

Adah Sharma- Floral Trends

In a recent event, Adah was spotted wearing a roit of colours in her mini floral dress. She sticked to bare minimum with just a pop of pink on her lips which matched perfectly with her pretty-in-pink Shoes!!

Looking at her recent stints, one thing is sure to say: “This girl has long way to go!!”



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