Karishma Kapoor in Nupur Kanoi!! Or is it Manish Malhotra??

Karishma Kapoor attends the Asia Vision Awards 2013 dressed in a Blue Anarkali suit designed by Nupur Kanoi, and makes sure that steals a heart or two with her dazzling!

Karishma Kapoor in Nupur Kanoi asiavision 2013

Karishma Kapoor Nupur Kanoi

However, wats strikingly remarkable is the resemblance between this fabulous Nupur Kanoi dress and Karishma’s BFF Manish Malhotra’s Creations. It matches the same grandeour and elegance as Manish’s creations for Karishma.

Karishma Kapoor in Nupur Kanoi

Karishma Kapoor at Asiavision awards 2013

So the question is, Did Karishma actually ditch MM for a look-alike ??? or Did Nupur took a leaf out of Manish’s book for a change??

Either way, We love the gorgeous Kapoor Kudi!!!



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