Fashion Trend 2013- Fancy Clutch purse-Judith Leiber Miniature Collection

Fashion Trend 2013- Judith Leiber Fancy Miniature Clutch purse

I just stumbled upon a collection of fancy miniature clutch which took my breath. Judith Leiber’s Miniature Clutch collection is an every woman’s dream come true. Having said that, I would also like to Mention that this collection is tagged under “Things I cannot afford, but is a visual Treat” for me!!

fashion trend 2013- fancy miniature clutch purse

Judith Leiber fancy miniature Cluthes

Judith Leiber’s collection has always been unique and innovative with hand-made clutches adorned with shining crystals and gemstones. They come in all various shapes and colours. Her passion for abstract shapes is what set’s this designer apart from others. Right from clutches in shape of animals, birds, Sea shells to fruit clutch and cup-Cakes clutch, everything has been explored and re-invented in the world of Judith Leiber. Fashion trend for 2013 is going to be all about creativity and abstract art, it will be more of a fusion of art and fashion. And I would not be surprised if these great artistic sculpted pieces of finesse and royalty find their place in Fashion trends for the year 2013. If you don’t agree to what I said, then have a look yourself.

Cup-cake Clutch

fashion trend 2013-judith leiber cup-cake clutch

cup-cake clutch

One of the most coveted item for 2013’s hand-bag fashion will be the cup-cake clutch. This one in the pink is Katy Perry’s one among her favourite.

latest fashion trend- cup-cake clutch 2013

judith leiber- cup-cake clutch

Latest fashion Cake slice clutch for 2013

Cake Slice crystal miniature by Judith Leiber

Rose Blossom Clutch

Latest Trend 2013- Crystal Rose Clutch by Judith Leiber

Crystal Rose Blossom Miniature Clutch- Judith Leiber

Another scintillating piece from her collection is this Crystal Rose Blossom Miniature Clutch that is adorned with crystals that are hand-place. The special thing about Judith’s clutches is that they are first sculpted in wax, then metallic molds are created, they are then painted in gold or silver and then crystals put in place by hand-work.

Fashion trend 2013- flower blossom crystal clutch

Flower blossom crystal clutch- judith leiber

Bee-hive Clutch

latest fashion trend 2013- beehive clutch by judith leiber

Beehive clutch by judith leiber

This is the most exquisite piece of art work by Judith leiber. This clutch is one of my favourite due to its intrinsic details and the whole concept of a bee-hive. I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful Bee-hive ever.  This is sure to rock Fashion 2013 for me atleast.

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