Fashion Round-up: Alia Bhatt’s sexy head-band’s in “Student of the Year”

Latest Trend: Alia’s Fashionable and Funky Hair-bands in Student of the Year

Alia swooned us all with her fashion and style in the 2012 movie “Student of the Year”. The millionaire chic Shanaya reminded many of the Gossip girl Blair Waldorf. We have posted earlier how we found Alia’s wardrobe being stolen from Gossip Gal’s. But what captivated our attention were the numerous sexy head-band’s that Alia sported in the Movie. Her pretty and cute hair-band’s created a new fashion trend amongst the College goer’s and even School-girl’s. The head-band’s have now  become a latest trend among the Teens. That’s what inspired me to take a round-up of Alia’s Head-band Collection.

1.) Ali’a Bow Head-band Trend

Alia Bhatt fashion-bow head-band trend

Alia’s Bow head-band style

Alia wore this white coloured big Satin Bow headband twice. Once on-screen and another off-screen during promotions. This fashion Head-band is really very pretty and glamorous at the same time. It oozes some fabulous style quotient.

2. Ali’s Pretty little Fashion Head-band with Single Embellishment

alia bhatt's pretty & beautiful fashion headband

Alia’s Pretty and simple single jewel headband

This pretty little head-band is simple yet elegant with a single jewel encrusted upon it. The hair-band is apt for school going fashionista’s. The petite hair-band has found its place in the closet of almost every Teenager.

3. Alia’s Fashionable Flower Head-band

Alia's fashionable & sexy flower headband

Alia’s Fashionable and sexy flower hair-band

This pink flower head-band is ultra-fashionable and stylish. It brings out an individual style of its own and completely channelizes the Blair Waldorf inside all of us!!

Alia's simple Bow-knot hairband

Alia’s simple Bow Knot hair-band

This one is a simple sleek hairband with a knotted bow on its side. Alia definitely looks cute in this beautiful head-band. One can make it anytime at home by just tying a small ribbon in form of a sleek bow on one side of you simple hair-band.

4.Alia’s golden metal head-band

Alia's three-knot golden bow headband

Alia’s three-know bow golden hairband

This one’s a real Classy. The golden hair-band with a three-knotted metal bow oozes style and class both at the same time. Alia carries this elegant piece with great elan. If you want to add up just a simple something to lift up your outfit from beautiful to classic, this head-band’s worth your buy.

5. Alia’s Beaded Head-band

Alia's beaded head-band

Alia’s Beaded head-bands

This one’s are worth wearing anytime. The beaded hair-band that Alia wore with her school uniform coat also went with her regular outfit as well. The other form is a simple band or a zig-zag hair-band which comes in lots of colours.

6. Alia’s Glamorous Diamond Head-band

Alia's Glamorous Diamond Head-band in disco dewane

Alia’s Glamorous diamond head-band from disco dewane song

While the song “Disco Deewane” had us all tapping our feet, Alia’s diamond head-band dazed us the most. This was the most glamorous of all the others, embellished with a string of diamonds on one side and a diamonds studded bow on other. The hairband became one kind of ornamental accessory. The ornate head-band accentuated Alia’s dress and her over-all look in the song.

7. Alia’s twisted Golden Head-band

Alia's fashionable twisted golden head-band

Alia’s twisted golden head-band

Alia wore an intertwined twisted head-band in shimmer gold at the sets of “Jhalak Dikhla Ja”. I think the band look gorgeous, I hope I could say the same for the dress. however we are discussing Alia’s Head-band’s here and not her Fashion Sense. We already have another blog-post about Alia’s fashion and style in SOTY promotions.

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