Natasha Poonawala in silver foil at Saif Kareena Wedding

Natasha Poonawala draped in Silver foil at Saif Kareena Nikah Ceremony

Natasha Poonawala at Saif Kareena Wedding Ceremony

Natasha Poonawala at Saif Kareena’s Wedding

Natasha Poonawala always surprises the glitterati with her sartorial choices of fashion, however this time we can’t say the same. She wore a glittering silver dress at Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s Wedding Ceremony. The whole dress was in rags, seemed as if cut with sissors. The corset looked like a silver foil wrapped around her waist. Loved her hair, though. What do you think about this strange taste?

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