Restyle your old clothes this Environmental Day and Go Fashionable | Reuse Recycle old clothes to new

Become a Budget Fashionsita by Recycling your unused old clothes into something new that you can wear this summer.. Today on World Environment Day let us all pledge to reuse, recycle and restyle our wardrobe as much as possible.. and with this thought I have brought you few tips to recycle old clothes.. Reuse them by restyling into something new.. like making shorts from old baggy pants for this summer.. Create a Tank top out of your Dad’s, Hubby’s, Brother’s, Boyfriends’s Old shirt..Make a tote bag out of your T-shirt, Create a Quilt out of old rags..Make Pillow Covers and Mobile covers out of your old tshirts, skirts and Kurti’s AND Finally if its too old use your clothes for cleaning purpose..But Reuse it.. Don’t throw them away..

Lets get back to our topic.. we have here is a nice way to convert your t-shirts into Tote Bags..

tshirt into tote bag recycle old clothes to new latest fashion trends 2012

Remove the sleeves of the t-shirt

Tshirt to tote bag-recycle-reuse-restyle old clothes fashion 2012Cut a Deep cut from above near the Neck of the tshirt by either following the exiting neck-line (if round-neck) or placing a big bown over the centre of the neck of your t-shirt.. This will make the shoulder sides as handle for your bag..

Turn it upside down and sew the bottom twice to give you the normal tote bag shape.. Invert and start using..

Here are few other tips to Restyle your old clothes:






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