Top 8 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2012

A lot has been posted about the latest fashion trends this year so far, however we wanted to combine all of them in one single post showcasing the most trending fashion for the year 2012. The top 8 Fashion Trend this year comprise of:

1. Peplums: Peplums are everywhere, from red-carpets to Celebrity outings, fashion events to disco-theques. Lets have a look at the Peplum Fashion Fab.


Peplum Fashion Trends 2012

2. Pastels: Pastel colours are a fab this summer. Its the most adorable and wearable fashion trend this season. Pastel Jeans and flowy dresses are best for Summer.


Pastel Fashion Trends

3. Florals: The next newest trend after pastels is Florals, nice bright floral and vegetable prints in various colours are great for this summer 2012.

latest-fashion-trends-summer-2012-vegetable-floral-printsVegetable and Fruits on dresses..

4. Crochet: For those who Crochet, this spring brings you lots of style and wearablity with Crochet tops, crochet dress and Crochet details in Dresses. Bringing back the antiqueness of the Crochet in bright lively colours..


Crochet trends 2012

5. Lace: Its all about lace this year.. Lace dresses are doing rounds in the celebrity circle and on the red-carpet. Lace detailed jackets and blazer are one thing to invest in. Dresses with lace detailing are great for the summer wear.

latest-fashion-trends-2012-lace-details-lace-dress-runwayGet Laced up this summer

6. Neons: I know a lot of Neon has already been done.. but Pops of Neon can do no harm especially in this hot summer weather, therez nothing better than a neon nail paint or a neon top to brighten up your day..


Neon Colour trends 2012

7. Geometric Patterns: Square, rectangle’s, hexagonal and ovals arent limited to the geometry class.. they have become and integral part of the fashion industry. With geometric prints doing rounds in the fashion 2012 collections, I am eagerly waiting to see some geometry on the red-carpet too..!


8. Quirky Sunglasses: Sunglasses of different shapes and sizes of retro fame have been back with a bang. The most sought-after are the Cat-eye and circular glares with colour-contrast glasses and frames.



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