The sexy siren Mallika Sherawat decides to get subtle this year at the Cannes International Film festival 2012..  She wore a Victoria Beckham dress at the Opening of the 65th annual film festival and was amongst the first Indian Actress to show-cased at the red-carpet (other than freida Pinto)

mallika-sherawat-cannes2012Mallika in Victoria Beckham Dress..

mallika-sherawat-65th-annual-film-festival-cannes-2012Do you like this simple, subtle Mallika sherawat with no-skin-show?? Where is the eye-popping Mallika sherawat that we all are waiting to see??


Mallika Sherawat cannes film festival 2012We do have slightest skin exposure here at another event in Cannes… Waiting for more pics though!!!


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