Little did Megan Fox knew, when she attended a movie premiere in her YSL toe-cap heels (costing £695), that she would be starting a hot new shoe trend!!!! Her toe-cap heels created a shoe war among other hollywood fashionista’s paving way for the Toe-cap to become the most sensational shoe style for the spring/summer 2012.

Megan Fox in Toe-cap shoes- winter fashion-trends-2012Megan Fox in her Toe-cap shoes..

Megan-fox-toe-cap-shoes-2012Megan Fox at the premiere event in her toe-cap shoes

emma+WATSON-toe-cap-shoes-latest-fashion-trends-2012Emma Watson in Black Toe-cap Shoes

jennifer_hudson_Toe-cap-shoes-latest-fashion-trend-spring-summer-2012Jeniffer Hudson Toe-cap shoes


Toe cap shoes fashion trends 2012


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