I have already posted about the Neon Bottoms that are trending amongst the celebrities these days. Here is a look at the Pastel Jeans trending for the summer/ spring 2012.

Kate Middleton-red-pastel-jeans-fashion-2012

Kate Middleton Red Jeans

The Duchess of Cambridge in her Hottest Best with Pastel Red Jeans



Pippa Middleton in Neon Pink

Sister Pippa not behind in the Neon Trend



Dakota pastel blue denim

Aquamarine Pastel Jeans


Pastel Pink Jeans

Miranda in Pastel Pink


Nicky Hilton-neon-purple-fashion-trend-2012

Purple Jeans

Nicky Hilton in Neon Purple


Monet Mazur-pastel-fashion-trend-2012

Red Jeans

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