Get your Shoe Re-style in Glitter and NEON |DIY Fashion 2012

Glitter Stilettos and Neon Pumps seem to rock the Shoe Fashion World for the year 2012. However there is no sense in splurging out your hard-earned money for buying new Neon Pumps for yourself (especially if you are not one amongst those celebrities and models and these pumps aren’t going to gain you nothing more than the sheer satisfaction of staying Stylish!!). No point in creating a hole in your pocket right?? However the gorgeous shoes are really what I’d Fall for xoxo..

Don’t worry, For all those who want to flaunt the hottest trend of the Season!! Here is how you can get gorgeous Neon and Glitter Shoes all by Yourself. So Do It Yourself !

Neon-Pump-Re-style-fashion-trends-2012Take your black pumps and Paint them Neon!!!!

Glitter-Converse-Re-style-old-to-new-trend-2012Go all glitter with sparkle and studs on your old Converse shoes and Renew them for the Trend!!

Glitter-Sandals-Restyle-old-shoes-fashion-2012Get your Glittered Sandals with Sparkle!

scarf-ballet-fashion-trends-restyle-2012Add a lovely Bow with your scarf on your ballet and transform them to a New one!

Scarf Ballet Courtesy: Stars for Streetlight


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